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Selecting concrete coverings


3 paint chips

Coat it with paint or epoxy

Latex concrete paint (often sold as porch-and-floor paint) offers an inexpensive, quick, and colorful covering. As long as you don't share your garage shop with a car (hot tires can damage the surface) or otherwise abuse it, concrete paint may fit your budget. A gallon sells for about $21.

A two-part epoxy (Part A resin and Part B hardener) requires mixing before use. When the two liquids cure, they form an extremely hard and durable coating.

An inexpensive two-car garage kit sells for about $100 at home centers. These products contain about 35 percent solids; the remaining volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water evaporate as the epoxy cures. Professionally applied 100 percent solid epoxy (no solvents and therefore no odor during application) runs about $3.50-$5.00/sq. ft. for a two-car garage.

Whether you apply paint or epoxy, thorough concrete preparation is key. Proper adhesion of most epoxy products requires a process to provide "teeth" for the epoxy to grip the concrete. Chemical etching is the most common DIY approach; many pros prefer to grind the surface.

Steps to Success with Epoxy Flooring

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