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Concrete to vinyl in under 4 hours


Floor with bycicle tire

There's a new floor in town

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring tile for garages has been available for only a couple of years, but it's already gaining converts. The couple shown installing tile on these pages was sold on the easy, mess-free application, price (about $3 a square foot), and good looks of the solid vinyl.

The tiles have a pressure-sensitive adhesive (formulated for garages) on their backs, so you just peel off the thin protector film and press into place. No gooey, sticky, troweled-on adhesives or mortars necessary!

Don't overlook two more benefits. First, the 24x24" tiles go down four times as quickly as 12x2" tiles (fewer joints to match up). And if you choose a checkerboard look, the pattern of alternating colors isn't as intense as with smaller tile.

Cutting tiles proved to be the most time-consuming task. The couple realized they could have eliminated cuts on the front wall (where the garage door falls) by moving the centerline 6" toward the back.


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