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Drill by board and white pipe
Remove finish nails cleanly with a roll pin

Recently, when repairing a wobbly maple headboard, I found that the previous owner had tried to strengthen the loose joints by driving finish nails through the tenons. I needed a way to remove just enough wood from around the nails to be able to pull them out with needle-nose pliers.

Digging through a drawer in my shop, I found a roll pin, a cylindrical piece of spring steel. After making several "teeth" in one end of the pin with a flat file, I chucked the roll pin into my portable drill, positioned it over the nail, and slowly pulled the trigger. My crude "plug cutter" cleanly removed the wood around the nail, allowing me to pull it out. I filled the hole with a tapered wooden plug.

-- William Belz, Jr., Cheektowaga, N.Y.

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