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Safety tips


Board w/holes above saw

Behind-the-fence guard adds a margin of safety

The blade on a radial-arm saw often spins for several seconds after you return the saw carriage behind the fence. A careless or impatient reach behind the fence could prove dangerous.

A simple guard like the one shown will keep your fingers away from the blade. It also prevents cut-off scraps, blade wrenches, and try squares (which don't belong behind the fence anyway) from interfering with the spinning blade. Size the 1/4" plywood or hardboard guard to fit your particular saw. Bore a liberal number of 3/4" holes in it to allow sawdust to escape. Glue a mounting cleat to the bottom edge on one side. Affix the guard with screws or in some other way that allows easy removal.
--Cecil Lau, Burnaby, B.C.

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