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Hose with clamp on spring

Clamps team up for quick dust disconnect

In my small shop, I have to move the larger stationary tools out of the way when I'm not using them. That means I am always connecting and disconnecting dust-collection hoses from my equipment.

I needed a hookup I could quickly secure and separate, so I made my own from a steel spring clamp and a hose clamp from an auto-parts store. After cutting the hose clamp in the middle, I pop-riveted the cut ends to the jaws of a spring clamp.

Now, I squeeze the jaws open, slip the clamp over the dust hose, and release the jaws. My improvement holds the hose fast. And because the threads of the hose clamp are still intact, I can make fine adjustments to the tension or size as needed.
--John Gottschalk, Hemlock, Mich.

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