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Top New Tools for 2010


Craftsman MiterMate

Transfer corner angles to this mitersaw's movable fences

Craftsman's 10" MiterMate compound mitersaw eliminates the middleman when it comes to cutting trim. Instead of making several test cuts to get the perfect fit for mating trim pieces, you use the included angle finder to duplicate the corner. Next, you transfer that angle to the saw by pivoting the fences--not the blade--to match. Then you simply cut both pieces on their respective sides for an exact fit. Each fence pivots 45° front and back so you can cut inside and outside corners. They also line up straight as on a standard mitersaw. The saw bevels up to 45° to the left.

Craftsman MiterMate Mitersaw, $250
800-383-4814, craftsman.com

Mitersaw Basics

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