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Shop Tip of the Day
To Joint Long Pieces of Material, Tune in to J-Channel

I needed to put a straight edge on a long piece of stock, but because the piece was longer than my jointer?s tables, I didn?t have much luck. I headed to the hardware store and bought an 8' length of aluminum J-channel (normally used with aluminum siding).

I sawed off the flange, as shown top, and attached the J-channel to my board with cloth-backed double-faced tape. Keeping the channel against my tablesaw?s rip fence, I then cut a straight edge on the opposite edge of the stock.

With this one 8' piece of J-channel, I?ve found that I can joint stock up to 10' long. The tape will keep its tack for many boards if you wipe the dust from the wood before applying the channel.

--Ron Radecki, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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