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Shop Tip of the Day
Hold-Down Works for Radial-Arm Saw

Feather boards and hold-downs are easy to find for tablesaws and router tables. Now, here's one you can build for your radial-arm saw. It makes your operations safer and stops the subtle creep or movement of the stock that occasionally ruins your cuts.

To build this helper, attach two screw eyes to your saw?s fence about 8" to the right and to the left of the blade. Then, fashion the hold-down out of 3/4x3" stock and fasten a handle as shown at top. The length of the hold-down should equal the width from the fence to the front edge of the saw table.

Position a roundhead screw in the end of the hold-down so it sits flush with the thickness of stock you normally cut. For thicker or thinner stock, make another hold-down and position the screw accordingly. Make sure your fence is securely anchored so it doesn't pull up when you push down on the hold-down.

--Dave Yarkosky, Albia, Iowa

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