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To find articles from past issues of WOOD magazine with our searchable index, either:
1) use the Keyword Search feature,
2) Category Search feature, or
3) the Keyword and Category search features below.
1) Keyword Search:
Type in a word or words that best describe what you are looking for, then click on search button below. For example: if you type in "table", you will get a list of all the articles that include "table", you will get a list of all the articles that include "table" in their titles, i.e. kitchen tables, router tables, etc. If you are looking only for router tables, then type in "router table". If you don't get the results desired, try typing in other related possibilities, such as "router".

2) Category Search:
Click on the box that best describes what you are looking for, then click on the search button below. To print the list, use the print feature on your web browser.
Carving projects & articles    Toys   
Home accessories    Gift items   
Shop-built tools    Outdoor furniture & projects
Furniture Turning projects & articles
Jigs, fixtures & organizers    
Tools, Techniques, And Feature Articles:
Tools Tests    Shop Skills
Craftsman Closeups    Safety Articles
Shop Tested-Techniques    Wood Finishing
Feature Articles    Wood Profiles
3) Keyword and Category Search:
To narrow a search enter a keyword in the Keyword Search Box (Section 1), then click on a category box (Section 2), and hit the search button below.
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