Show Us Your Shop, Garage, or Man Cave
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Show Us Your Shop, Garage, or Man Cave

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In the past few years we've published several newsstand specials on home shops, decked-out garages, garage shops, and man caves. From your letters and e-mails, it appears you loved them. Now, we'd like to know how you used our ideas or your own to create or upgrade your own home shop, garage, or man cave. We're on the lookout for all types of spaces including basements, garages, outbuildings, small spaces, and even garden-sheds.

We're looking for interesting shops, including those used by woodworkers, auto enthusiasts, motorcyclists, bicyclists, gardeners, and general hobbyists and DIYers.

We're especially looking for examples that include:
Wall coverings (something different than traditional drywall?) and wall systems for hanging tools.
Storage solutions, including whatever else shares space in your shop or garage (like sporting goods and recycling supplies).
Overal shop lighting and task lightingl.

If you'd like your shop or a friend's to be considered for national exposure in one of our magazines, send us some photos. Please include a short write-up of what you did to make your shop look better and improve the efficiency. If you've saved "before" and "after" photos, those would be excellent, too!

Our preferred digital format for photos is .jpg submitted directly from the camera. It's best if you send images that haven't been manipulated in Photoshop or with a similar software. For magazine reproduction, we ask for photos at are 1 MB or larger in size (3.4 MB or larger preferred). If you are uncomfortable with a digital camera, perhaps a friend or family member will shoot photos for you. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Even if we don't select your entire shop for publication, we're also looking for individual projects for the Gallery sections in our magazines.

Send your submissions to:
Home Shop Ideas
WOOD® Magazine
1716 Locust Street, LS-221
Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

Or e-mail your submissions to

Please include your daytime telephone number, mailing address, and e-mail address.



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