Buying a Router
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Buying a Router

Everything you need to know about buying a router is right here at WOOD Online. Learn which size and style of router best suits your needs. Or download reviews of each router category to find out which models performed best.

right router

Buy the Right Router

From towering to tiny, the multitude of choices in routers can make your head spin. Here we cut through the hype to help you pick the right machine for the way you work.

do you need to go pro
Buying a Router: Need You Go Pro?

What's the real difference between a router costing $100 and another costing twice that? The answer might surprise you.

premium bits
Are Premium-Priced Router Bits Worth the Money?

Or is low-dough the way to go? We milled more than a mile and a half of material to find the differences between the highest- and lowest-priced router bits.

router table
How To Choose a Router Table

Options and accessories abound for table-mounted routers. We'll sort out what matters most to help you pick the table setup that best suits your needs.

trim routers
Review: Trim Routers

For many of your day-in day-out routing chores, a little fistful of fury is all you need. We gathered up 12 trim routers, both corded and cordless, and used them for more than month to find a favorite.

midsize plunge routers
Review: Mid-Size Plunge Routers

We challenged seven tools to see which ones deserve Top Tool and Top Value honors.

multi base
Review: Multi-Base Router Kits

We rounded up eight multi-base router kits ranging in price from $100 to $270 and put them through the paces in both fixed and plunge modes to show you the key differences between kits.

monster router
Review: Monster Routers

We tested eleven of the beefiest, baddest bit-spinners on the block.

router lift
Review: Router Lifts

Changing bits and bit heights from above the table has never been easier. Router tables have become a staple in home woodworking shops. But for most of us, it's still a hassle to raise and lower cutter height as we fumble around below the table to make time-eating adjustments.



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