One way to make a perfect circle
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One way to make a perfect circle

Disc-sand the workpiece with this quick-and-easy jig

Here's a circle-sanding jig you can make in no time flat. First, screw together the jig, shown in the drawing below, from a couple of pieces of particleboard or plywood. Then follow the three steps shown in the photos, below.

Disc sanding jig

Position the jig on your disc sander's table with the cleat contacting the table's right-hand corner, but about 2" away from its left-hand corner. With a single clamp, secure the jig's base to the table. As shown in photo 1.

Fasten the oversize bandsawn top to the jig's base with a #8×1-1/4" flathead wood screw. The top overhangs the edge of the jig's base that faces the sanding disc by about 1/4". As shown in photo 2.

Switch on the sander. Pivot the jig until the cleat contacts the sander's table along its full length. Rotate the top against the disc. Keep the jig's base and cleat tight against the sander's table. As shown in photo 3.

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