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Here’s a plan for a great last-minute gift; register now. For dozens of other gift plans click here.

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New in Woodworking Basics
How to give veneer tops
new life

See how furniture repair and refinishing wizard Jim Kull uses just a few tools to give new life to old furniture. Click here

  Low-down storage solution
If every last cubic inch of space counts in your shop (as it does in most), here’s an idea for getting additional storage from your workshop cabinets. Click here
Four kids and 40 gifts

Continuing a long-standing Kemmet family tradition, the kids and I have been busy in our shop building dozens of bird feeders, candle holders, and CD holders for friends and relatives. Not only does the shop time give me an opportunity to teach my children, at right, new woodworking skills, they also learn the satisfaction of crafting a gift rather than just going out and buying one. Plus, we all have a great time working together! I encourage you to work with family or friends this pre-holiday season to teach new skills and share your handicrafts with others.

Like what my kids and I are doing, but finding yourself short on good gift-building ideas? The solution is at the Gift and Accessories section of the WOOD Store where you’ll find dozens of easy-to-build projects.

WOOD magazine projects auctioned for charity
What happens to the projects that appear in the pages of WOOD magazine? Although we display many of the pieces around Meredith headquarters, others frequently make their way to charity auctions. Shown at left are the penguins we photographed for our Penguins on Parade. The penguins were sold at the Waukee, Iowa, High School Educational Foundation auction last weekend.
Old Tools and Machinery host visits the UK
Ross Canant, the WOOD Online forum host for the Old Tools and Machinery forum reports on his recent trip to the UK. “While in the UK, I took a woodworking side trip to visit Bedales School, a private high school 50 miles south of London. It has a timber-framed library designed and constructed by Sidney Barnsley. Both the building and the tables are stunning examples of Arts and Crafts style. The library space itself is an amazing work of architecture and construction and is still used daily by the students. The school, while not open to the public, was quite accommodating and allowed me to tour the library and an adjacent timber-framed theater space. The librarian pulled out her files with a pictorial history of the construction of the library complete with pictures of Sid Barnsley raising timbers himself. My intent was to learn the construction details of the library tables and reproduce one myself soon.” Any questions for Ross on his trip? Post them in the Old Tools and Machinery forum now.
Shop Tip: On the mark drilling for keyhole slot screws

The keyhole slots used for hanging this shelf require driving a pair of #8 panhead screws into the wall spaced exactly 16" apart and dead level. The photo, left, shows you how to accomplish this feat.

First, drill a pair of holes in a scrap of 3/4"-thick stock 16" apart and 7/8" down from its top edge. Drill 7/64" holes for fastening into studs, as shown, or holes sized for wall anchors for fastening between studs. Use your drill press and its fence for accuracy.

Apply a couple small pieces of double-faced tape to the back of the scrap, position its top edge where you want the top of the shelf to be, level it, and press it against the wall. Now, using the holes in the scrap as guides, drill holes in the wall. Remove the scrap, and drive screws into the wall studs, or insert wall anchors and drive the screws into them.

Two quick gifts to build
Need to knock out a bunch of holiday gifts, but don’t have a bundle to spend? Check out the December issue of WOOD magazine for two plans that won’t cost an arm and a leg or take a ton of time.
Happenings at the Northwest Fine Woodworking Gallery
If you’re ever in the Seattle area, a visit to the Northwest Fine Woodworking Gallery in downtown Pioneer Square is a must. It’s mesmerizing to walk around their store and enjoy the exotic woods, the superbly crafted furniture, and the highly figured stock used in the pieces. When visiting their Web site recently, I noticed they had a special Gifts and Accessories section, which showcases pieces any lover of great woodworking would be delighted to receive this holiday season. Also, through the month of December, they hold their 26th Annual Box and Container Show.
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Hot Topics From Our Forums
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Topic: 110 vs. 220 compressors
Posted on: 11/28/2005

I'm thinking of upgrading my compressor. Currently I have a pancake style (from the Porter Cable nailer package) and am looking for something bigger...more

Topic: Tablesaw dust collection
Posted on: 11/29/2005

I'm working on a dust collection nightmare. Does anyone know a reason not to close in the back of a contractors saw. The motor is outside the frame so that's not a problem. I want to leave just enough room for the belt...more


Be well, teach others, and
enjoy your woodworking.

Marlen and the
gang at WOOD magazine

   Marlen Kemmet

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