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A Focus Group Dedicated To Your Ad
How would you like to have 100 WOOD subscribers sit down and give you feedback on the attention-getting ability, believability, and information value of your ad? Here's your chance. WOOD Magazine sponsors two Message Impact Studies each year through Readex Research at no charge to you.
Gather Quantitative & Qualitative Information on Your Ad

Readers are asked to give quantitative feedback on whether or not your ad is effective in key areas of advertising:
•Attention Getting Ability – the ad’s stopping power
•Believability – whether your ad is credible
•Information Value – whether there is “meat on the bones” of your ad Readers also provide qualitative feedback by responding with a verbatim comment on what message or feeling they got from your ad.

Enhance Your Advertising Investment

By analyzing readers’ reactions to your ad, and comparing your performance with other studied ads, you can discover ways to communicate more effectively with WOOD readers, thus enhancing the return on your advertising investment.
About Readex Research
Readex Research is an independent research firm. Since 1947, Readex has conducted thousands of survey research projects for publishers, advertisers, and their agencies.
Contact your WOOD account executive to learn how to qualify
for upcoming studies.
Readex Research