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WOOD's Tool Testing:
A Cut Above the Rest

The tool reviews presented in WOOD are the most comprehensive and objective in the business. An impartial, shop-testing process combined with the unbiased opinion of independent, expert woodworkers is at the heart of our tool review recommendations.

WOOD guarantees that each and every tool recommended has passed a set of intensive tests in order to earn a place in the reader's workshop. To augment this, WOOD Magazine-Approved Seals will accompany the tools that test best.

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WOOD’s Tool-Testing and Review Process

1. Readers are polled to find out which tools they are most interested in purchasing.
2. WOOD contacts manufacturers and retailers to ensure that the most current and widely available models are included in the test.
3. Expert, independent testers are chosen to conduct tests that can be measured repeatedly by instruments to obtain objective performance results. Only the test results that can be clearly and repeatedly demonstrated are published.
4. If a significant problem is found with a machine or tool, WOOD contacts the manufacturer for a response. If a manufacturer’s claim cannot be proven, WOOD does not publish it.
5. Subjective data such as ergonomics, convenience of operation and other criteria that is best judged by observation are incorporated into the review.
6. Editors rework the technical tool-testing results into reader-friendly editorial. The pros and cons of each tool are reported in a balanced fashion so that the reader gains a clear understanding of what to expect from that tool.
7. WOOD reports only on a tool’s features and performance. Previous tests, brand performances, the manufacturer’s country of origin, size, advertising activities, any comments toward competitors, and industry gossip do not influence findings.