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The projects presented in WOOD undergo a detailed process of scrutiny and review. This process is just one of the ways WOOD distinguishes itself from other woodworking magazines. Our experts shop-test every project in order to capture the reader’s confidence. That means every project you see in WOOD is “brought to life” in a workshop before it is presented to the reader.

No other woodworking magazine takes the following measures to ensure the accuracy and achievability of its content, resulting in reader success and, therefore, trust.

How does this affect the advertiser? Readers trust the content in WOOD, therefore, they trust the brands in WOOD. 69% of WOOD subscribers say the brands that are advertised in WOOD are better in quality than the brands that are not advertised. 63% say I am more likely to notice advertisements in WOOD than those in other woodworking magazines. *

  Our 8-Step Editorial Process for Projects
  1. A variety of sources are used to develop a rough project concept, including staff insight and experience, scouting potential projects at woodworking shows, historic homes and museums, as well as reader input.
  2. The concept is refined through multiple staff brainstorming sessions and review. Staff determines project design and focuses on the best ways to enhance the look and utility of the project.
  3. Once the final design is approved, technical illustrations are created to accompany it.
  4. The project is brought to life” in WOOD’s own workshop. This shop-tested approach helps editors verify the effectiveness of the woodworking techniques presented and solidify final design, illustration and dimensions. A rebuild and redesign of the project is considered and executed, if necessary.
  5. Article is written to accompany project illustrations and how-to photographs.
  6. Designer, builder and writer carefully review project and article and add refinements where needed.
  7. Expert, independent proof-readers examine the article, placing the project under further scrutiny.


Final proofing and illustrations are verified by the editors before article goes to print.

THE RESULT: Reader success and unreserved trust in
WOOD Magazine.

Tap into WOOD’s unwavering reader trust.

*Source: 2010 Subscriber Study