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Free Videos
Watch two videos: One demonstrates the steps to take when tuning up your tablesaw. The other shows how to make and build three must-have tablesaw jigs.
Watch here

Tenoning Jig Tenoning jig
Cut clean crisp tenons, stub tenons, and half-lap joints with this rock-solid, adjustable Universal Tenoning Jig, DELTA model 34-184.
Learn here
Thin-strip ripping jig Thin-strip ripping jig
Need several thin strips of wood all at the same exact thickness?
This jig is just the solution.
Download the FREE here
Outfeed table Outfeed table
Working alone? Handle large panels more easily with the aid of the
DELTA 50-302 outfeed table.
Learn here
On-the-money miter jig On-the-money miter jig
Build this simple jig for right-on miters each and every time.
Get the FREE here
Panel-cutting sled Panel-cutting sled
For hair-splitting accuracy, use our free plan to build this wide-body tablesaw accessory.
Get the FREE here
Panel-pushing jig Panel-pushing jig
Cutting a 24”-tall panel along a 3” tall rip fence is an accident waiting to happen. Securely support those panels for perfect cuts with this
quick-and-easy jig.
Get the FREE here
Saw-blade selector rack Saw-blade selector rack
Keep your tablesaw blades easily accessible with this
wall-mounted organizer. This unit also keeps carbide cutters separated to prevent dulling nicks.
Get the FREE here
Straight-edge cutting jig Straight-edge cutting jig
Ripping a straight edge along a board with irregular edges can be dangerous or downright impossible. Our solution? Try this plywood carrier board with hold downs.
Get the FREE here
Tablesaw tuneup Tablesaw tuneup
It rips, crosscuts, makes dadoes, and more—the tablesaw serves as the key tool for most woodworking projects. So, you need to make sure that your machine puts out straight, square, smooth results every time.
This technique will help you do just that.
Download the FREE here
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