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Mon, 25 Jun 2012|

Hi I'm Dave Campbell from WOOD magazine and I want to introduce you to the digital edition of WOOD magazine. Now the digital edition provides everything that you get in the paper version of the magazine, but it adds some nice interactive elements to make it a little easier to get things done. For example and you can take the project drawings and enlarge them and look at them in larger scale. You can also zoom in on the pages for larger type. Videos that are associated with articles can be viewed without an Internet connection, and we also provide downloadable patterns for parts. And maybe the best part is if you have a tablet PC you can keep dozens of issues of WOOD magazine at the access, at the ready, all the time, in the space of one single magazine. Let me show you how it works. To access the digital edition of WOOD magazine, go to zinio.com/wood, and when you get to that site, follow the instructions for registering and subscribing to WOOD magazine, and then download and install the free player on your tablet computer. Once the player is downloaded just tap on the Zinio icon on your tablet's desktop. After you subscribe the magazines that you subscribe to will appear in the library--this is the button here at the bottom that says Library on your Zinio player. The shows all the issues right now that are available in my library to be able to download. And to download the issue that you wanna read just tap on its cover, and Zinio will begin to download that to your tablet. Now the first time that you view it, it's gonna download the entire issue, but you can start viewing it in just a matter of seconds here, you don't have to wait for the entire issue to download before viewing it. As with most tablet applications, you can view the magazine one page at time like this. Or you can turn it and view two pages at the same time. Now starting at the cover you can tap on any of the text to take you directly to the article that's referenced in that cover line. Or you can navigate by swiping pages just like turning the pages of the magazine. Or you can tap near the bottom of the screen to open up sort of a mini view of the pages with the page numbers so you can pick which page you wanna go to--it's kind of just a quick look at thumbnails of the articles. Now whenever you see a reference to another page in an article, you can tap on that page reference and go directly to that page. For quick access to the table of contents. to get to any article quickly, just tap on the screen and that'll bring up some menu options and up here in the top right corner, you'll see a little table of contents icon. Tap on that picture and it'll take you immediately to the table of contents for the magazine, where once again you can tap on a page number to take you directly to that page. If you're connected to the Internet with your tablet, all the web links and the ads in the article are live. You can just tap on the link to go directly to the web page. And anytime that you leave the pages of the magazine you can return to the magazine but simply tapping "close" in the top left corner. You go right back to where you left off. Some interactive elements work whether you're connected to the Internet or not. For example, videos download with your tablet version so to watch a video mentioned, just tap on the player. You can make the video larger by rotating the screen to horizontal, and by tapping on the full screen icon. Likewise for articles with lots of drawings: We've made it easier to access all the drawings with a simple tap. You can swipe the pages to flip through them; tap twice to enlarge them; tap twice again to reduce them; or you can jump to any drawing using the thumbnail navigation. And of course you can rotate the iPad to maximize the size, depending on the drawing's orientation. Now what if a project requires a full size pattern? Well, we have you covered there too. Just navigate to the pattern pack in the magazine, click on the link in the pattern back to download PDF of the patterns--that'll download right to your device. And then you can print it on regular 8-1/2 by 11 paper if your device supports that printing. Or you can email the file to another computer for printing. You can get the digital edition of WOOD magazine by subscription, or you can also buy single copy versions of it. Once again the address to go to is zinio.com/wood.

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