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Outfitting Your Woodworking Shop

To make the roller frame, cut two pieces of conduit, a bit shorter than the sawhorse height, to work as side posts for the roller. Keep reading for more information.

What tools does a beginning woodworker need, and how should he or she acquire them? From a poll of WOODŽ magazine staff members, we assembled a basic tool kit.

If you use a wet-wheel grinder but detest the mess of draining the old water, take heart, we have a solution.

Shortly after assuming his duties as our new project builder, Chuck Hedlund made it a priority to flatten the benchtops in the WOODŽ magazine shop.

Want to handle materials more easily? For these and many other problems, the solution just might be as simple as putting something on wheels.

Thinking about adding an extension to a tablesaw or other machine in your shop? If so, let us show you how to align it to perfection.

Need help planning a new workshop? Or maybe you've got the urge to reorganize the one you have now. Either way, you've come to the right place.

See how reader George Roskopf of Pewaukee, Wis., used a pipe clamp to create an economical vise for his workbench.

To keep you safe at all times, build this simple guard.

Ready to set up a shop of your own? We mapped out three typical small-space shops, then came up with surefire strategies to beat the space squeeze.

Shopping for power-carving bits, you learn one thing quickly: They come in astonishing variety.

Make your benchtop do double duty with this simple mounting--board system.

Need perfectly parallel dovetail or grooves, give this reader-submitted jig a try.

High humidity causing problems in your shop? Create your own rust retardant with cat litter and old nylon stockings.

For accuracy, some tablesaw jigs rely on their miter bar's no-slop fit in the miter slot, and that's sometimes tricky. But it's easy enough to make an adjustable miter bar for a custom fit.

A clothespin provides the heart of this simple device that safely pins down small parts when crosscutting at the mitersaw.

Spice up your projects with a touch of crimson from any of four species.

Build a simple jig that uses your dial caliper to do the duty.

If you can't tell the difference between a board of white ash and one of red oak, here's some help for common North American hardwoods.

Don't know a burl from a bow, a jig from a collet? Here's a glossary of some woodworking terms guaranteed to help you sound like a pro.

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