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What makes wood beautiful

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Texture to feel

Texture to feel

When wood is said to be "coarse" grained or "fine" grained, it's a reference to its texture. And a wood's texture depends on the relative size and variation of size in its cells and the width and abundance of its rays. You actually can feel the difference between fine-textured wood with small cells and thin rays and coarse-textured wood with wide vessels and broad rays. Red oak, for example, rates as coarse-textured, while hard maple is fine-textured. Walnut, however, is moderately coarse-textured, while holly is very fine-textured.

Texture is only sensory. A wood's texture has little to do with how it saws or machines.

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Comments (4)
n6soo wrote:

Agreed, great article. I would like to see an expanded version in Wood in a future issue, perhaps with a discussion of how finish can enhance or alter natural appearances.

6/3/2010 11:27:15 AM Report Abuse
woodhaug wrote:

I just finished turning 6 black walnut feet for a 6 drawer low boy dresser. I did not have the size blocks so I glued uo 3 1 in pieces. Picking the best grain for the outside. After sanding and finishing they are beautifully figure legs. No pun intened. I don't know if one single piece would have given me such grain patterns.

6/3/2010 10:08:24 AM Report Abuse
jal219 wrote:

I love the difference in wood. Putting different woods together always give an appealing effect especially when stained.

3/5/2010 08:13:33 AM Report Abuse
jandsjacobson99 wrote:

Great article! I will be looking for that craftsman that can "literally" turn the sow's ear into a silk purse! I've heard of figuratively doing that, but never literally!

3/4/2010 04:12:46 PM Report Abuse

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