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Fasteners and Hardware

Choose the right screw for today's job

The days when slotted or Phillips was your only choice ended years ago. Now you've got better everyday screws and problem-solving specialty fasteners.

Lots of screws are labeled appropriate for exterior applications, but only a few hold up to the elements.

Nails rank among the oldest of fasteners. Today they're one of the most widely used methods for joining wood and fastening things to it.

Learn the options to select the best fastener for the job.

Don't scrimp on anchoring hardware and fasteners, which are vulnerable to moisture.

Assembling cabinets, furniture, toys, and other woodworking projects means getting to know a variety of fasteners, from standard wood screws to brads and several types of adhesives. On these pages, you'll get acquainted with them all.

Shop fixtures and jigs often require the installation of various clamping or adjustment knobs. That's when you'll reach for threaded inserts.

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