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Choose the right glue

To find the best glues choice for your project, review the charts in this story, and then refer to the descriptions to make your decision.

After 36 years as a chemist and customer service representative for Franklin International (maker of Titebond wood glues), Dale Zimmerman has heard just about every question relating to wood glue. These are the five most common ones, and his simple answer to each.

While most woodworkers shy away from epoxy, furnituremaker Robert Hensarling finds it the adhesive of choice in his workshop, and for good reason.

A look at exterior adhesives.

Take a page from new moms -- liquids leave bottles faster with a little heat. We show you how it comes in handy.

You'll find a woodworker in a sticky situation if his glue won't stick. How do you choose the all-around best adhesive for the job at hand?

Here's how to interpret the line of numbers and letters stamped on the containers of white, yellow, and polyurethane glue produced by Franklin International, maker of Titebond and the biggest supplier of woodworking glue.

Egyptians collected the sap of gum arabic to use as an adhesive.

Getting the right amount of glue into hard-to-reach spots is a messy operation.

With all of the gluing products on the market today, choosing the right type for your needs and using it correctly can get tricky. For help, we turned to the WOOD® magazine staffers who design and build the projects featured in our publication.

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