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Wood and Supplies
Between a fresh set of plans and a completed project lie a pile of materials -- lumber, plywood, hardware, adhesives, and finishes. Learn about them all here.

Know Your Wood!

This stuff grows on trees! So learn a little about the plant behind the product and you'll improve your lumber purchasing savvy and your woodworking skills. Start here:

Lessons in Lumber
Lumber and Plywood

Tons of articles to help you select the best lumber and plywood for your next project.

Wood Species Encyclopedia

Puzzled by which wood to use for what purpose? Our extensive guide to dozens of wood species can help!

Become a Wood Expert

WOOD's Complete Guide to Choosing and Using Wood -- a digital article, plan, and video collection.

Figuring out Figure
Bird's Eye Figure

Most often associated with hard maple, bird's eye displays a beautiful pattern of dots or "eyes" around which the grain swirls.

Crotch Figure

Copy: Crotch figure develops where a tree knits a trunk to a branch or two branches together forming a delicate feathered plume pattern.

Curly Figure

Alternating stripes of hard and soft wood fiber produce the illusion of a three-dimensional undulating surface.

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