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The "over-the-top" workshop

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Big view of interior of shop, pine rafters

Obsessed with organization

Nestled in the forest on a shore of Lake Chelan in central Washington State, Mike Walker's 1,670-square-foot workshop is the epitome of organization. From the outset, plenty of storage space and an efficient workflow dominated the planning. "I am obsessed with organization," Mike says, "and we spent a lot of time planning spaces to accommodate all of the tools and accessories."

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Comments (28)
rmercier53 wrote:

A16x16 project design room? I design my projects on a 3 1/2 x 7 foot table in a 16 x 20 foot shop.

4/30/2015 05:19:27 PM Report Abuse
robausa wrote:

I'd give him the benefit of doubt. My shop is 1,800 SF and you would have to look hard to find any dust. Every table, work bench, router table stand, chop saw stand, kitchenette with curio dining table... was made in the shop. I like a clean shop and I sweep it every day. With 3 lathes I tend to make lots of shavings!

8/27/2013 12:07:09 AM Report Abuse
garyhill wrote:

This shop is like having a Ferrari in your garage with a cover over it and never uncovering it. Does he have a housekeeper-er-a shopkeeper that comes in weekly to mop and dust also??

3/3/2013 10:46:40 PM Report Abuse
drkerns1 wrote:

This is a "show" shop not a production shop. Anybody with enough money and "organization skills" can build a show shop like this one.... great for the showman's ego. What is it that is actually the product that is built in this shop ?

2/28/2013 02:18:23 PM Report Abuse
tom2027592 wrote:

Best shop I have ever seen. I too appreciate your dedication to extreme organization. Your shop itself is the best evidence of the caliber of work produced. Extraordinary!

2/28/2013 12:48:03 PM Report Abuse
Forney Osburn wrote:

I've been in operating rooms less sterile that this shop!!!This is the most immaculate wood shop I have EVER seen. Now, let's see the one he actually does woodworking in.

5/12/2012 08:51:58 AM Report Abuse
merlin37 wrote:

I see that this has been posted for quite sometime.Now I would be interested to see if anything of looking at has come out of the Crystal Cathedral of woodworking shops. Also who keeps all the galss so clean of dust. I'd be afraid to work in there.

5/11/2012 09:28:36 AM Report Abuse
cdn405 wrote:

This is definetly not a work shop. My shop has a minimum of 2" of sawdust on the floor and stacks of lumber in every corner. It does function very well and I can turn out a complete kitchen remodle in less than 2 days. Built, finished and installed. The difficult part is collecting the bill.

5/11/2012 06:25:30 AM Report Abuse
debrebel wrote:

If you want it bad enough you can make it so. I think this is an awesome shop, and even if I don't have those views on tap, I can do some of this in my own working shop...

8/21/2011 07:25:05 PM Report Abuse
Rick in Pittsburgh wrote:

Mike, Congrate's on the ultimate dream shop. I use to envy the two car garage shops, now I'm setting my envy of a shop with a view. I can imagine a cold winters night, snow gently falling, and being in the shop nice and warm working on the latest project. Let me know if you need an extra hand for a week or

6/27/2011 11:19:33 PM Report Abuse
walkman wrote:

This shop was in one of their magazines a few years ago. Stunning. It almost makes me a communist -- so I could demand equal access.

6/17/2011 08:54:45 AM Report Abuse
gilstebbins2328678 wrote:

Lets see...hardwood floors, vaulted ceiling, spectacular views, and over 1600 square feet of space...for the average woodworker this is not realistic. I see no saw dust anywhere....I would like to see some of his projects. It looks like a showroom and I do not like about an article on "real life" workshops? G Stebbins.

6/17/2011 03:45:00 AM Report Abuse
PaulMM wrote:

Nice shop Mike. Thanks for sharing it with us.

6/16/2011 09:12:16 PM Report Abuse
oldsloane wrote:

If I ever got that organized I would never find anything!

6/16/2011 12:32:16 PM Report Abuse wrote:

I don't have enough time left in my life to get even remotely as organized as this!

6/16/2011 12:27:16 PM Report Abuse
jim2 wrote:

Gotta say that this shop doesn't come close to the tiny amount of square feet that most of us have to eke out for shop space. My 7 1/2 X 16 alcove is the envy of the neighborhood, but wevneed more great tips for small shops, not building the ultimate space ala Norm Abrams.

6/16/2011 12:02:06 PM Report Abuse
suburbia198096 wrote:

Let me see someone do the same with 170 square feet. Which is all I have, on a good day. Biggest problem? Waste disposal (Especially since recycling became compulsory) and storage of timber. JW (UK)

6/16/2011 11:16:38 AM Report Abuse
Dee B. wrote:

It is just amazing to see a shop like this one, it is out of may league. But have great ideals for maybe one day this old guy can have. Mike great shop!!!

6/5/2011 12:00:06 AM Report Abuse
crockett45302 wrote:

With a shop like that I would be interested to see what he makes. Does it measure up to his shop?

5/21/2011 04:24:16 PM Report Abuse
jl.gariepy wrote:

Pydesign2 is absolutely right !!! defenettly the nicest ... C'est la plus belle shop que j'ai jamais vu. toutes les autres sont fade avec leur néons...

5/12/2011 05:05:45 PM Report Abuse
steamshovel1 wrote:

Thats not a shop, its a National Museum, should be against the law to put a speck of sawdust or anything for that matter antwhere in this shop. You have done a very nice job with your shop-congratulations.You know what they say-A clean shop is a sign of a sick mind and you are over the top. Let me know when you are committed so I can come up and examine this masterpiece of all masterpieces!

5/9/2011 05:14:33 PM Report Abuse
vgpmckinney1 wrote:

That is one nice shop!!! A shop with a view what else can you ask for. I like the Easy off buttons anyone know where you get them?

5/2/2011 11:08:51 AM Report Abuse
Danwoodman wrote:

This is probably the nicest personal wood shop I've ever seen. I'm a little curious as to why he went with all "General" brand machinery. They do make quality tools, but if I had that kind of money I'd at least purchase a real industrial panel saw. Love all the light, but I'd be paranoid that one or more of those skylights would leak, especially in that rainy State. I hope he has some tarps and buckets within easy reach. Very nicely done! Enjoy!

4/1/2011 09:36:12 AM Report Abuse
denkruse wrote:

I have a difficult time believing that this is a working shop and not just for show. It is an awesome shop!!!

3/31/2011 06:58:43 PM Report Abuse
Pydesign2 wrote:

OK, Now I know what the lottery winner's shop looks like! This is sensational!

3/31/2011 03:40:03 PM Report Abuse
FStewartIII wrote:

Amazing, I like to think that those are not the actual views but just vinyl wall coverings, haha. Awesome, he should give tours and make some extra $$.

3/31/2011 10:31:18 AM Report Abuse
rsstlouis wrote:

An awesome shop, Mike!!! The best I've ever seen! Wish I had some of your organizational skills. One question...what kind of hardwood floor do you have there? Engineered or solid? Rick

2/16/2011 08:59:55 AM Report Abuse

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