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Insulation: never easier

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2 men putting insulation in ceiling

Making your garage a year-round workplace.

Many homeowners look at the garage as the largest room of their house and ask: Why can't we make better use of this space year-round? Great question!

Sadly, too many garages are beastly hot in the summer and icy cold in the winter. Let's see if we can change that.

The detached 2 1/2-car garage shown here got an upgrade with batts of R-13 insulation in the walls and ceiling. The insulation and a new natural-gas garage heater will allow the homeowners to keep the garage interior 40░F or warmer all winter. The heated space transforms into a retreat for their kids to play in inclement weather, and working in the garage in the winter no longer requires gloves and a stocking cap.

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jeffropapa wrote:

I insulated my 28x30 shop ceiling and walls. made a big difference using a pellet burner for heat. One 40# bag @ $4.50, heats my shop nicely for the weekend. The insulation also makes it cooler in the summer. No A/C yet, but planning on it. My area is middle Tennessee

11/14/2015 08:20:53 AM Report Abuse
kenburnett1 wrote:

I have an insulated 12oo sq ft building insulated like the picture. One problem I have is, after a few years, the insulation draws moister and gets heavy enough that it will tear the paper and start to fall. Once it starts it don't take long before the entire length is down. I'm looking at another solution. This is Tulsa, OK. area.

11/12/2015 05:50:21 PM Report Abuse
browni4 wrote:

The poly wrapped insulation should be stapled to the face of the studs not the side. Stapling on the stud side will compress the insulation and reduce the R value. If your area requires a vapour barrier, use 6 mill poly over un-faced insulation.

11/12/2015 11:08:53 AM Report Abuse
gbcurtis74369 wrote:

High-Density Fiberglass Batt Insulation is always the way to go for improved insulation at very little increase in cost. R-21 OCF EcoTouch« insulation is designed to eliminate R-value loss caused by compressing standard R-19 FiberglasTM insulation into 2x6 exterior walls. 51┐2" thick R-21 EcoTouch« insulation delivers 19% more R-value than compressed 61┐4" R-19 FiberglasTM insulation. Similar HDFBI is available for 2" x 4" x 16" cavities.

1/8/2015 02:48:15 PM Report Abuse
terry34109 wrote:

I live in North Florida, so we do have several days in the winter where it dips below freezing. When this happens, I use my detached garage as a green house. I insulated the exposed underside of the roof with rigid foam boards. Closed the gable end vents with stapled cardboard. Worked well last night when it went down to mid 20s. Inside garage was 50, with no heater, except for an outdoor freezer and refrigator heat.

1/8/2015 10:14:16 AM Report Abuse
nannapapam wrote:

I insulated my 24' by 30' shop ceiling with R-19 roll in and R-11 roll in the walls and it made such a difference when heating it ...MB

10/24/2013 10:18:38 AM Report Abuse
erwinkurtz wrote:

one should consider spray foam insulation for under the roof, 6" is about equal to R38. My son did it to his shop before installing 5/8" sheet rock. His shop stays workable year round with minimum heat. I have worked in his attic in the summer there was only a few degrees difference in temperature from the room. Sure it cost more but the return is more than worth it.

6/15/2013 08:22:03 PM Report Abuse
richietats wrote:

I finally insulated my 24 x 24 garage/shop this past winter. I am in colorado so cold is my main issue. I ran roll craft faced insulation cross ways over the trusses. Worked great and left the air gap from the eaves to the ridge vent. I added an electric heater hung from the ceiling and it is great even at 0 degrees.

6/13/2013 01:11:04 PM Report Abuse

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