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WOOD's Idea Shops

WOOD's 5 Idea Shops are packed to bursting with inspiration and projects to make your shop work faster, safer, and more efficiently.

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  • Idea Shop 1

    The original WOOD magazine Idea Shop filled a 14x28' room in a rural garage with a full complement of tools and equipment. Innovative storage and organization made the shop work effectively.

    Idea Shop 1 was featured in WOOD Magazine, issue 54 (September 1992).

  • Idea Shop 2

    Idea Shop 2 showed how a full workshop could fit into a suburban two-car garage while still enabling the garage to shelter vehicles between work sessions.

    Idea Shop 2 was featured in WOOD Magazine, issue 72 (September 1994).

  • Idea Shop 3

    Idea Shop 3 took the traditional basement workshop to new standards of efficiency and capability. Keeping dust and noise out of the living space received special attention.

    Idea Shop 3 was featured in WOOD Magazine, issue 100 (November 1997).

  • Idea Shop 2000

    A 12x20' outbuilding behind a suburban home became the site for the next Idea Shop. Mobile tools can be wheeled out onto a covered portico between the house and shop to expand work space.

    Idea Shop 2000 was featured in WOOD Magazine, issue 119 (December 1999).

  • Idea Shop 5

    Idea Shop 5 outfitted a 15x22' bay in a three-car garage with versatile modular cabinets and tool bases for maximum adaptability. A wall-cleat system allows easy storage reconfiguation.

    Idea Shop 5 was featured in WOOD Magazine, issue 151 (October 2003).

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