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Idea Shop 5

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Rearranging the wall components is just about effortless. We changed from the original configuration in the first page of this story to this one in less than 20 minutes.


We walled off one 15x22' bay from the rest of the garage to create shop space, and then covered the drywall with a more durable, attractive surface: beadboard pine plywood.

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Comments (23)
edwardnorton2012 wrote:

To p38m I say vehicles have NO place in a garage. I have 4 vehicles with a value of over $200,000 so they are not a POS. Garages are man caves to enjoy and relax in.

5/30/2015 02:33:24 PM Report Abuse
p38m wrote:

Shame on you guys. You lose your man card if you banish cars from the garage! Well, unless your car is a pos. I have about 18.5 x almost 12 feet that I have reserved in my 3rd bay. It's a challenge to get all my stuff room.

5/28/2015 11:28:06 PM Report Abuse
cstonex18777 wrote:

We are just putting the finishing touches to a new 24x30 garage that will be set up primarily as a wood shop. It still needs insulation. sheetrock and electrical service.

12/25/2013 08:33:00 AM Report Abuse
rwballca wrote:

It would take less time to look at the plan if the location diagram was oriented the same as the photo. I have to share my walls with my camping gear, etc but every one of these plans assumes you have no other interests other than a wood shop. I have the water heater in my 3rd space too.

9/19/2013 10:58:54 PM Report Abuse
rastorey wrote:

This plan is great for those who have sufficient room. Whatabout those of us who have very, very limited space?

1/5/2013 10:00:21 AM Report Abuse
pappy1771 wrote:

15x22 with 10 foot ceiling , like to have that.

4/13/2012 08:24:36 PM Report Abuse
beavertooth wrote:

My space saving tip, if you are able to work it is to put your table saw in front of a window. If running thin stalk it's an easy slide. Wider stalk requires a window with no fixed panels allowing the glass to be lifted out One drawback is location. I'm west coast so a forced coffee break sometimes happens.

4/13/2012 07:07:24 AM Report Abuse
t.mcconnell292938 wrote:

The biggfest problem that I see with this plan is that there isn't any dimensions given such as how far is the t/s away from the end walls, how big is bench #2, etc etc etc. If someone could supply those measurements that would be great.

4/12/2012 09:00:06 PM Report Abuse
love ELU routers wrote:

I have an 11-yr old house w/a 3 car garage. This single stall is 10' x 21' and this shop would only fit in the 2 stall portion. Nice shop however. Congrats.

4/12/2012 02:00:57 PM Report Abuse
TheChief wrote:

You are WAY off in that being just one bay of a 3-car garage. A garage bay is normally only 10' wide, if that, and this just will not work in most garages.

4/12/2012 01:44:56 PM Report Abuse
jmail13789 wrote:

agreed. must have a very nice wife to allow using 18x22 of garage space.

12/19/2010 02:13:37 PM Report Abuse
Marlen_at_WOOD wrote:

Would your shop look good in WOOD magazine or one of our newsstand specials? If so, learn more about submitting it here:

12/8/2010 01:28:48 PM Report Abuse
tamanno2905170 wrote:

If your like me you build a variety of projects different sizes and shapes. There is no one way layout that will fit even the most clever craftsman. I believe it is part of the tool manufactures responsiblity to get clever and design tools which can be used comfortably in anyones shop. I for one am tired of trying to design my shop around their tools. The more complex their tools, the more I appreciate hand tools and a typical bench.

11/2/2010 10:18:34 AM Report Abuse
ripberger.john79 wrote:

I am using a small room appox. 12x12 is wall storage and rolling carts the way to go?

10/24/2010 10:13:13 AM Report Abuse
hwieland2 wrote:

I am researching heavy duty slides to house most of my tools (oscillating sander, 12" sander, chop saw, jig saw & router table) in drawers along one wall to reserve floor space for table saw, band saw & drill press. I figure the planer to be a infrequent tool that can store under my portable work bench and use on that work bench when needed. The duste collector will be housed outside in a tall cabinet and plumbed through the wall.

10/23/2010 10:32:52 AM Report Abuse
rjilek1 wrote:

We have a one car garage. My shop is in the from part. So it is only 8x9.5. Mostly I work outside. The point is our 1 car garage is only 9.5 x 20. I'd love to have the space they mentioned...

10/21/2010 05:57:12 PM Report Abuse
hparslow wrote:

With a shop like you show at wood Mag. I could have a commercial set up.Please get down to earth.

10/21/2010 03:35:48 PM Report Abuse
utahvernon wrote:

I have a 12 by 22 shop and it can work. in fact it does quite nicely

10/21/2010 01:01:53 PM Report Abuse
LaMarDay wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions. As is clear from the comments below, we all have different configurations to work in and around. I finally built my first shop after more than 25 years of working around everything else in my garage, carport, and/or sheds. I took all the best ideas from various of your articles and came up with solutions that fit my curcumstances. The result is a shop that meets my project needs in the space I have available. Please keep the ideas coming! RLD

10/21/2010 11:40:01 AM Report Abuse
D11RDozer wrote:

I agree with the other comments. My 3rd stall shop is 10x22 and I stole every spare inch I could afford from the 2-car portion of the garage.

10/21/2010 10:12:07 AM Report Abuse
gei wrote:

A couple comments. First, I have found that angling my table saw gives me more room for infeed and outfeed of large pieces in my cramped space. In fact, I often have to open the side door (to the outside) and run my infeed there. Second, I would never wall off a bay. What do you do when you need the space for a big project? Carry the pieces out the roll-up door and back into another bay? Otherwise, very nice and helpful article.

7/19/2010 04:40:52 PM Report Abuse
knotty_novice wrote:

I do have an 8x20 space as work shop and find that it is tight squeezing all my mobile-based tools against one wall and still finding room for a bench and storage. Instead of the more powerful cyclone, I have a shop-vac with dust deputy which is distributed via 2.5in tubes. Not as powerful, but picks up dust off the tools well during clean-up.

7/17/2010 02:30:02 PM Report Abuse
jrfiero wrote:

"We walled off one 15x22' bay" - You're kidding - 15' is one third of a three car garage? Its the whole 2 car garage for Jbi7459 above. Nice shop, but advertised with some editorial license.

7/15/2010 07:58:18 PM Report Abuse

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