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Simply Radiant

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Large view of shop

Dave Shively's Indiana shop

Winter can be brutal in Lafayette, Indiana, but Dave Shively doesn't care. He's out in his workshop custom-building cabinets or furniture--in his shirtsleeves. "The best thing I did was install in-floor radiant heat. There's no open flame, no air movement, constant temperature, and a warm floor," Dave says.

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Comments (11)
charles roth wrote:

Nice shop Dave. I am just north of you close to Brookston, IN with a 30X48 shop with a heated floor shop that is heated with a 50-gallon hot water heater. After 10 years I have had no problems with this setup. I too am wondering what is the covering on the floor.

2/28/2013 11:27:32 AM Report Abuse
dhellew21 wrote:

I wonder how some folks keep their shop so clean and still create. My 5000 sq ft shop is crammed full of stuff and machinery for two people, projects ongoing everywhere, few of which can be made in less than a few days so it takes a lot of table, floor, and shelf space. I do have a huge vacuum system hooked to the machines and more than a dozen floor sweeps but dust is still everywhere. Oh well, at 70 fun is definitely more important than spotlessness.

12/20/2012 01:46:33 PM Report Abuse
dhellew21 wrote:

Not all floors are heated with hydronic systems which require a boiler of some sort and can operate without a pump just like the water heaters during the days of wood and coal stoves. The choice depends on the source and cost of the energy, ie gas or electric. In parts of the Midwest and here in eastern Washington there are thousands of buildings heated with electric wire buried under the concrete floor including my 5000 sq ft shop, and house.

12/20/2012 01:36:18 PM Report Abuse
Dorans wrote:

What did you cover the floor with?

12/23/2011 07:59:55 AM Report Abuse
pogybait wrote:

Everything in it's proper place. I MUST make one critisism---your dust collector/electrical access in the floor has one goof-- the electrical outlet has NO cover to keep out anything that may fall into the receptacle slots and are the receptacles on a GFCI circuit as required by code?

12/22/2011 02:12:31 PM Report Abuse
southernfly wrote:

Awesome set up. Someday I'll get to design and build my free standing shop/castle

4/24/2011 01:49:55 PM Report Abuse
taxyman1 wrote:

Dave that's a nice looking shop. How in the world do you keep it so clean? I too live in Indiana, South west part. Love to see more pictures. Bill

4/16/2011 08:09:13 PM Report Abuse
brentnichols wrote:

Best shop I have seen for working in. I to live in Corydon, Indiana and admire your shop. Would love to see more pics.

4/1/2011 10:49:03 AM Report Abuse
Nanigai wrote:

Dave, you don't have the best shop I've seen, that was a millionaires shop I could never contemplate. Yours on the other hand is an excellent guide to what is possible for ordinary people with some thought and planning. It is a credit to you and thanks for sharing, I've picked up a couple good ideas from the photos, Cheers,Ian

3/17/2011 11:30:56 PM Report Abuse
ne_titus wrote:

Nice shop Dave Now I see why you need so much time off from work at Caterpillar. I wouldn't want to leave the shop either.

3/17/2011 06:44:17 PM Report Abuse
greg_just1530143 wrote:

Super looking shop Dave. What makes the liquid move through your radiant floor heating system? Is there a pump? Hope you have a shop like yours some day.

3/17/2011 02:58:04 PM Report Abuse

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