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Craig Lossing

As a woodturner, Craig Lossing works to maintain and enhance the beauty of nature, while using his woodturning mastery to create oriental influenced hollow form vessels with ornamental spears.

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Craig Lossing

Craig Lossing

Craig Lossing is a professional woodturner whose award-winning work has been sought after by fine galleries and knowledgeable collectors for over 25 years. Using exotic and burl woods from around the world, his creations range from organic forms and visionary vessels, to whimsical toys and functional objects.

Born in 1955 and raised in Minnesota, Craig was naturally gifted with artistic talent. His creative nature blossomed with course studies in art at the University of Minnesota, as well as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He later claimed woodturning as his artistic means of self-expression. Upon mastering the medium he became a full-time, self-supporting artist. Throughout the years, Craig's intense love for woodturning has kept him actively involved with organizations that promote the art, including; the Minnesota Crafts Council, the American Association of Woodturners, the Minnesota Woodturners Association and the American Crafts Council.

Craig's signature pieces are small, lidded hollow forms that range in size from 2" to 6" and feature oriental-influenced ornamental spears that pierce the lid or are artistically supported. To create these pieces, he begins by shaping the outside form before moving inside to maneuvering beneath the piece's lip with bent tools for hollowing. Since he is unable to see inside, years of practice and precision ensure his chisel will not jut through the side, and a consistent thin wall thickness can be reached. The lid is cut with the smallest tolerance possible to match up and maintain the grain pattern. The ornamental spear provides both color contrast and movement to these classical forms.

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Comments (11)
booker brooks wrote:

Craig, your work is inspiring. Superb! Keep on experimenting with your imagination. I recognize talent when I see it. I hate to say it this way but maybe some of the knucklheads will get it: Talent is like adult films, maybe not explicitly defineable, but you know it when you see it. Thanks for sharing. BB

1/13/2011 11:34:14 AM Report Abuse
cmmyakman wrote:

Really beautiful pieces of functional art, particularly the pair of red ones.

1/13/2011 09:41:16 AM Report Abuse
CarlEWms wrote:

The pictures probably do not do justice to the true artistry behind each of these works. I too am not a big "Asian" fan but I also recognize the simple beauty of that art form and that these works are a very good example of it. I cannot imagine the difficult of turning the inside in the blind. The attention to detail required to make the whole object look seemless is amazing. While "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" clearly some critics need better glasses.

5/30/2010 04:49:57 AM Report Abuse
dill.thomasj wrote:

You need to look at the grain in the wood and see how he turned the piece to bring that out.

5/29/2010 03:29:05 PM Report Abuse
grc3 wrote:

I would like to find the tools he uses, mine are very basic but realatively expensive, nowhere the quality I had when in High School.. David should look at the final work never mind 'not recongnizing' what it might be...Ger..

5/28/2010 01:45:01 PM Report Abuse
David P Richards wrote:

The wood is beautiful and finely finished, however the forms do not excite me. I am no fan of modern art. I want to recognize what I'm looking at.

5/28/2010 06:31:14 AM Report Abuse
knottygrovewoodsmith wrote:

I'm not sure what a gimmic is or how you put a name to it Frankly, but I'm pretty sure these are fine pieces of art work.

5/27/2010 08:57:09 PM Report Abuse
lmcc1961 wrote:

I think its pretty cool. It seems to take a lot of skill and patience to perfect something this great.

5/27/2010 05:29:19 PM Report Abuse
arkansasgrizz wrote:

Non the less, beautiful work.

5/27/2010 04:23:19 PM Report Abuse
dnlbn wrote:

Beautiful work! Someday I hope to do that quality of turning!

5/27/2010 12:54:29 PM Report Abuse
n3dsq wrote:

I think you mean Asian influenced.

5/27/2010 10:46:46 AM Report Abuse

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