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Gallery of Woodworking Greats

Review the projects from a portion of our Woodworking Greats.

More great projects from talented woodworkers.

British boxmaker Martyn Brewer of Devon, UK employs a unique construction technique along with complex geometric patterns to create eye-popping boxes and cutting boards.

Dale Faustitch honors the indigenous people of the Northwest coast of North America by creating art in their tradition.

I am a woodworker, chairmaker, sailor, husband, father, grandfather, friend, mentor, teacher, and leader. These are but a few words that describe me.

What weighs 2,500 pounds, goes well over 200 miles per hour, and is made almost entirely out of wood?

Fred Heim does not stand 12" tall. He just builds woodworking projects that are half as large as life.

Meet one of America's top scrollers and his world-class scrollsaw collection.

An established leader in western design, Amber brought her fine art to woodworking and furniture.

As a woodturner, Craig Lossing works to maintain and enhance the beauty of nature, while using his woodturning mastery to create oriental influenced hollow form vessels with ornamental spears.

A student of photography and architecture, John Lucas has turned his love for aesthetics into his gallery-quality turnings. John is also the woodturning forum host at WOOD Online.

I graduated in 1989 from San Diego State University from the Industrial Arts program wanting to be a fulltime woodturner. I was selling my work through local galleries and doing weekend art shows, while working a full-time job. After moving to Utah, I took the leap into full-time woodturning, trying to find additional galleries and opportunities to sell my work; looking for something a bit more stable, I ventured into the wholesale craft market.

Growing up on the Oregon coast was a major influence for the shapes of Mast's smooth-flowing turnings.

Master Craftsman Tom McLaughlin has been building custom furniture for three decades.

Unsure of where he wanted his woodworking to go, Gregg Novosad created a sequence of projects that required an ever-increasing set of skills. The result: spectacular marquetry infused with wry humor.

After careers in cancer research and hospital administration in the Midwest, Dave Ramsey retired and moved to Arizona. Dave started woodturning 15 years ago to give him something to do in addition to playing golf. According to Dave, segmented woodturning quickly became my passion as my golf game faded.

Judy has created hundreds of designs and her work has inspired thousands of scrollsaw enthusiasts around the world.

As an artisan, Brent would describe himself as a simple woodworker--he loves to make things that are useful and functional.

Twenty-eight years ago brothers John and Mark Schlabaugh began working for their father Emil in his home-construction business in Kalona, Iowa.

Matt Schulz is a relative newcomer to woodworking, but has been exposed to quality craftsmanship his whole life.

I came to this craft years ago after attending a lecture presented by the archivist and historian for Stickley Furniture. I found my direction and began pursuing American Arts and Crafts design. As the work evolved, I had to determine how to generate income while joining a fraternity of very gifted craftspeople.

When he's not busy building furniture for his home, Tom excels in projects that are small and highly detailed.

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