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Comments (20)
gary_knotts wrote:

Received Router info in newsletter 4/21 and the links to the information would not work. What am I doing wrong ?? Thomas G Knotts subscriber to Wood.

4/21/2016 10:25:45 AM Report Abuse
gibowski wrote:

I'm trying to contact Kevin Boyle about a problem on one of the toys that I'm having, but am unable to email him or have the email site come up. The problem I'm having is with the construction grade mobile crane. It is with the 8 inch piston cylinder. It appears to be to long as the top end sits on top of the engine. Also how does the boom stay up when in use?

4/11/2016 04:16:30 PM Report Abuse
paladin921gmai wrote:

And contacting anyone at Wood?? It's laughable. The website wants me to log in again (While I'm logged in.) to send anything to customer service. Maybe if they didn't have so d*mn many adds and pop up windows hogging the bandwidth.......looks like D*mb & D*mber write the code for this site.

3/30/2016 07:28:14 PM Report Abuse
paladin921gmai wrote:

Tried to use the Forum. What a disaster! Never seen so many page errors, authentication issues, etc. When it did finally appear to accept the forum post it does not appear in the forum. Even after trying 3 times.

3/30/2016 07:26:26 PM Report Abuse
ianwendyfairweather wrote:

Living outside the U.S.,I have tied to make contact via your system but is does not allow me. Would like to ask questions on subscriptions for other countries outside the U.S. With today's technology I'am very shock to see that you don't have such info. on your web page.

3/22/2016 07:52:38 AM Report Abuse
wcbjfocus wrote:

Just finished Jim Heavey's article, "Just Shut Up!" and loved it! I needed that slap side of the head to get me to stop pointing out flaws in my work. You've made something that takes thought, time, $ and often love, so let those things stand and be thankful you've blessed someone and move on to your next project. Thanks Jim, I needed that!

3/14/2016 10:30:09 AM Report Abuse
tonybirchett wrote:

i have been getting bills for wood magazine spmc publisher center do i pay them or does wood send me the bill need help they wont 143.00

12/13/2015 12:17:12 PM Report Abuse
panjasdadftc-i wrote:

we lost our home, my wood working shop, all my back issues of wood, and all my tools and equipment in the flood in SC, and I was hoping you could help me find suppliers that might have scratch and dent equipment at reduced prices and also what is the cheapest way to replace the issues of Wood, I really used them a lot for info on best equipment, plans, and many other reasons. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Eddie Dingle ( subscription is Wallace E. but I go by Eddie)

10/18/2015 08:23:15 AM Report Abuse
JIMCHAPMAN76197 wrote:

Just ordered the magazine, unchecked the offer for Better Homes & Gardens and they stuck it on anyhow!!!!! I tried repeatedly to log in on their customer service web page and it just keeps sending you back to the log in page over and over. SUCKS

9/18/2015 04:39:47 PM Report Abuse
gonzalez87wir wrote:

I already receive your magazine I am looking for plans to build a woodworking bench I'll even pay for the plans can you help

8/6/2015 03:42:06 PM Report Abuse
gonzalez87wir wrote:

I already subscribe to your magazine and I am looking for plans to build a woodworking bench can you help

8/6/2015 03:40:01 PM Report Abuse
gunhappy1 wrote:

on my last issue of wood i noticed that it expires on sept 15.i ordered the ultimate woodworkers bundle on line for 3 yrs from dec.14 order no.35b2818a. please check and let me know at my e-mail address. thank you

7/2/2015 08:40:42 AM Report Abuse
rmoneill3759270 wrote:

in the multi page tips, every page has a pop up to subscribe that has to be xed out. extremely annoying, if it doesn't stop, I'll have no choice but to unsubscribe.

6/11/2015 11:38:33 PM Report Abuse
leestormukne wrote:

Unable to register for an account here, living outside the US in the UK channel islands, your registration form does not recognize our address details and will not complete. with this problem, were also unable to directly contact this website as registration is required to do so properly. Please alter your registration requirements to enable outside the US/. Thanks

5/13/2015 06:42:44 AM Report Abuse
wayne_hazard wrote:

Forced to watch a 2 1/2 minute video, in order make todays sweepstakes entry...are you people nuts?!?! Please don't make a hsbit of that, it is absolutely ridiculous! The usual "human verification" is often screwed up enough, as it is.

5/7/2015 10:22:35 PM Report Abuse
steve.g.tripp wrote:

Wood Magazine does not read the comments on this page, but everyone else does, so the level of incompetence of the Wood magazine management is certainly on display. The subscription login page is hopeless and is a half-assed pathetic mess.

4/23/2015 10:44:28 AM Report Abuse
denisebob1989 wrote:


2/10/2015 05:51:41 AM Report Abuse
denisebob1989 wrote:

What is the sense of having shop tip of the day If you don't change the tip every day.

2/7/2015 06:45:48 AM Report Abuse
tldz1 wrote:

I'm trying to enter the "Over the top" sweepstakes, but it does not work.... has it started yet????? Is there a problem????? Please let me know. Thomas Kaiser

1/4/2015 11:17:26 PM Report Abuse
Marlen_at_WOOD wrote:

IMPORTANT! This is one of several thousand pages on our website and it is not monitored. Please use the Customer Service Section or the Customer Service Issues above for information for WOOD Magazine subscription services. For general woodworking questions, please use our forums at: Thanks, Marlen @ WOOD

3/24/2011 03:13:32 PM Report Abuse

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