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Figured Walnut

I’m quickly becoming a wood hoarder. “No! You’re far too young for such a malady!” you cry. But—alas!—it’s true. My lumber rack is filling up with projectless wood. I’ve rolled over into the mentality of buying wood based on its look with the hope that a project will come along one day.

Here’s my latest acquisition:

Figured Walnut Read more

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Wood Movement Experiment: The Results

You may recall a few weeks ago when Tom Iovino initiated a grand experiment about seasonal wood movement. He cut identical boards of several different species in his tropical Florida shop, and sent one set to me in Iowa and another set to The Wood Whisperer in arid Arizona.

We measured the boards when they arrived and Read more

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The Great Wood Movement Experiment

Couple of weeks ago, I was talking a little shop with Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench (and an active blogger here at woodmagazine.com) when the subject of seasonal wood movement came up. It’s kind of a key concept because project parts change size as they absorb and release moisture as the seasons change. Fit a solid-wood part perfectly into a dado in the winter when the shop air is relatively dry, and come summer, when the humidity kicks up a notch, that part may swell enough to blow the joint apart. It usually happens so slowly, though, it’s hard for some folks to grasp. Read more

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