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shop reorganiztion

Shop Reorg – Chapter 1

Okay, here’s a photo of the shop as it stands now. Believe it or not, I tidied up before taking this. The new DC is in the foreground. The arrow points to the hose I have to step over every time i enter the shop. Not good. Plus I have to wheel it around to reach the bandsaw. The arrow toward the top of the photo points to the old cabinets back in the corner that are going bye-bye to make room for the DC back there. A run of 6″ duct from the DC, along the wall under the window will allow for branches to each machine.

Shop Before - DC hose

Shop Before - DC hose

Here’s a look at the old cabinets. Just salvaged from friends when they were remodeling. Think I paid $35 total for both. They’ve served well, but they’re sure ugly. Read more

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