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Finding a link between woodworking and motorcycles

During my vacation last week I had a chance to visit the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL. So what does that have to do with woodworking? Glad you asked.

Advanced materials used in today’s motorcycles, such as carbon fiber, titanium, and sophisticated metal alloys, weren’t known in the early days of motorcycling. So many times parts were made of wood. Like this wheel rim:

Wood rim

Wood rim

What does it take to make a perfectly round rim like that? Read more

Joe Harmon & Splinter – Could this be next

If you’re a gearhead and you haven’t seen the current issue of WOOD (#186, Oct. ’08), get it and read about Splinter, a 200+mph supercar that Joe Harmon is building from wood. it’s unbelievable what Joe and his crew are doing. The car was on display at the IWF in Atlanta last week. WOOD mag editor Lucas Peters (who wrote the Splinter article) returned from the show and told me that he met some guys who drove from Arizona to Atlanta just to see the car!

At the end of the article, Lucas asked Joe what was next, after Splinter was completed. Joe’s response: “Maybe a wooden motorcycle.” Sorry to report that someone has beaten Joe to the punch:


Wood motorcycle

Wood motorcycle

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