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Just in time, my vanity is complete

Last night I put the final finishing touches on the vanity table I’ve been building over the past few weeks. And good thing—because this morning it left on its way from Iowa to Indiana. I built this as a gift for my niece, who graduates this weekend from high school. When I offered to make something for her, she chose a vanity table and wanted it painted white. So this project led me into several areas (and skills/lessons learned) I’ve not gone before.

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Vanity table update

I’ve got the desk portion of the vanity table built and the top on it. This past weekend I finished making the mirror frame and supports that will sit on top of a small three-drawer valet on top of the desk. I made the frame from laminated MDF after a solid-wood attempt twisted and proved unusable. For the mirror supports, I cut two uprights from 1-1/4″ poplar and joined them with a 2′-long base. I forgot to predrill the holes for the cheval swivels before cutting the supports to shape, so I had to make a jig with the matching profile to get a perfectly centered and horizontal bore. This project is coming together nicely.

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