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TOOL NEWS: There’s a new bear in town

Grizzly Industrial Tools has announced it’s adding a new line of machinery to its woodworking and metalworking lineup. The Polar Bear Series of tools and machines will be available in July, sporting a new logo and predominantly white paint scheme with Grizzly-green accents.


The tools are identical to existing Grizzly machines in every way except for the paint and price, according to Melinda Sweet, assistant marketing manager for Grizzly. The Polar Bear Series will launch at introductory prices that are about 10 to 25% less than the same green Grizzly machines. Sweet said the company has not yet established regular prices for the Polar Bear products once the introductory period expires. She also said Grizzly will continue to sell its current green line of machines, as well as its sibling line of Shop Fox machines. Read more

TOOL NEWS: Grizzly Industrial now shipping to Canada

Grizzly Industrial, manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking machinery, is now shipping products via UPS to Canada. Freight costs vary depending on the weight and size of the machines being shipped, and brokerage fees start at $10. Any border-imposed duties must be paid for by the customer.

“We’ve had incredible demand from Canadians over the years,” says Shiraz Balolia, president
of Grizzly. “The way we have it set up, the customer just needs to place their order. UPS will then contact the customer to
arrange for the duties, if they even apply, when the machine arrives. It’s very easy.”

For more information, contact Grizzly at 800-523-4777 or online at grizzly.com.

Day 1 at the AWFS Fair

The coolest thing I saw on the opening day of the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers Fair in Las Vegas was an ingenious product that creates a shortcut previously only available with expensive equipment. Beaded face frames can make ordinary cabinets really sparkle, and the Kreg Tool Company’s new Precision Beaded Face-Frame System can make them on any router table. Read more

Great fun at the Grizzly tent sale

As the Tools Editor for WOOD Magazine, I always get a kick out of what goes on at a Grizzly Industrial tent sale. This past weekend I attended the backlot sale at Grizzly’s showroom in Springfield, Missouri. Since it’s just 300 miles south of our office in Des Moines, I rented a car and made the leisurely drive through the heart of Missouri on mostly two-lane highways. Read more

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