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Dresser Design VI: Dovetails

Modeling half-blind dovetails in a curved-front drawer is hard. Which makes it a bit daunting to do in real life. But I think that I’ve got a plan mapped out for that.

Dresser Drawer 1 Read more

Dresser Design V: Variation on a theme

Since I am intentionally challenging myself with this project in an attempt to pick up as many skills as possible, I decided that I could also use the pre-construction phase to learn a bit about design styles and periods — something I know little about. My thinking is that I could use the research to influence the details of the piece. Remember, I modeled and altered this design from photos, so without a knowledge of style, I don’t know the direction the original designers were starting from or heading towards. Read more

Dresser Design IV: Details

Just a few details added.

I made the dresser 2″ deeper, which I think helped the proportions. This is going to be a big piece of furniture, though. I also figured out how to hide the extraneous geometry that showed up when I was extruding those curved pieces like the drawer fronts and curved trim pieces (select the line, right-click and select “Entity Info.” In the Entity Info palette, select either “hide” or “soft”).

Dresser IV 1 Read more

Dresser Design III: Drawers

And here are the drawer faces. The full drawers aren’t modeled yet. I’m not quite sure how to do the joint from the curved drawer face to the drawer sides. So, I just added faces to see what the final piece might look like.

Probably not the final hardware I’ll go with, but it was easy to model, and I wanted something fast. I might still fiddle with the proportions of the dresser, a bit as well—maybe make it deeper.

Let me know what you think.

Dresser III

Dresser Design II: Sketchup and Splinter

OK. So, I’ve had a few days to get back up to speed on Sketchup. Had to pick up a few new tricks to get the curves done, but I think I’ve got it on the run, now.

I set aside the project for a trip to visit with Joe Harmon. He and his team are pulling out all the stops to build a supercar made nearly entirely out of wood. The Splinter is simply an amazing project, and the things these young folks are doing with laminated wood, ingenuity, scavenged parts, and a generous amount of pizza nearly boggles the mind. I’ll tell you this, I’m inspired. This dresser with its trifling double curve doesn’t seem nearly as daunting after seeing the graceful compound-curved lines of the Splinter. Click here for links to Splinter. And keep an eye out for more coverage later this summer.

So after a few more hours this weekend, here is where I stand:

Dresser II
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Dresser Design I

So, I’m starting with the dresser. I’m going to create a design from photos, something that could come in handy often. Let’s face it, the designs we see and like don’t always come with plans and step-by-step drawings.

Not long ago, my wife and I went furniture shopping. We furniture shop with a camera, discreetly taking pictures of pieces we like. When both of us fell in love with a bedroom set that was several (several, several) thousand dollars out of our price range, we went home with a couple blurry pictures (Sue me. It was dark) and some wishful thinking.

The dresser that we liked was a tall 5-drawer dresser. It has three columns of drawers with a graceful double curve on the front. The center column of drawers are wide with small, squarish drawers off to the side. Read more

The Start of Something (hopefully) Beautiful

So, if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’ll know that I consider myself somewhat of a woodworking novice. My dad was a contractor, so I grew up around power tools and woodworking. I worked a construction job, myself, through high school and college, so I know which end of the blade to point away from me and toward the wood. I’ve done some cabinet jobs in my own home and small furniture pieces as gifts. But now, I find myself in the enviable position of being surrounded by some of the premier woodworkers in the country. These are guys whose entire focus is to teach woodworking. So, I’m going to take every opportunity I can to push my skills as a woodworker. Read more

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