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Finished church bell storage closet

I forgot to post this until now, but I’m officially done with the storage closet I built in my church’s choir room to store our brass handbells and accessories. First, here’s a photo of what I started with.


I studded up a front wall, added shelves and a floor, and three doors, as told in my last report. Since then Read more

Working for The Man, and having fun doing it

Last Saturday I began another project for my church, this time a storage closet built into a 6×12 alcove in our music room. The primary need was to have a secure place to store the brass handbells and accessories used by our church’s handbell choir. And, since I love to work with wood and have the tools…I couldn’t help but say yes. After all, Jesus was a carpenter, so working for Him is quite an honor. First up was roughing out a design based on what the church folks wanted: room at the bottom—and a double door—to slide in the heavy bell cases and tables without lifting, and shelves for cushions and smaller boxes. I was limited to just over 7 feet high because of a false ceiling and lights overhead.


I made elliptical cutouts in the shelves so nobody bangs his head while reaching into the lower level. Read more

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