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Woodworking Show Reports

Kansas City in T Minus 10-9-8

When the Woodworking Shows go to Kansas City each year, I know that I can expect a great weekend. This last weekend was no exception. I guess that I didn’t realize how interesting and fulfilling my time in KC would be. Read more

Not Your Indy 500


This last Friday, January 20th, the Woodworking Shows opened its doors in Indianapolis, Indiana and I began my trek down there on Thursday. This is usually a pretty quick trip of about four hours. Not so this time. Mother nature and some “fearless” drivers would add another hour and a half to that trip. Read more

A New England Style Woodworking Show

 The New England show was the next stop on the Woodworking Show circuit and I flew into Bradley International airport in Hartford on Thursday, January 12th. I had gotten an invitation from Tommy Mac to stop out at his shop and this was the perfect opportunity to see him. Read more

Baltimore and the Raven


The holiday season, New Years and the bowl games are now just a memory as I begin the winter and spring road trip to the Woodworking Shows. For as long as I can remember, the first show of the year has always been in Baltimore. Even having traveled there many times, I still enjoy this city and the hundreds of years of history in it. Read more

My Kind of Town

This last weekend the Woodworking Show came back to Chicago. Though I really enjoy visiting with woodworkers in venues around the country, I have to admit that it was nice to forgo the probing questions and hands of the TSA people for a 40 minute ride in my own car without having to take off my shoes before I getting in. Still had to stay buckled in and seated until the doors opened, however. Read more

A Denver Diary

This last weekend’s flight on November 18-20, took me  a little more than a thousand miles west of my home in Huntley, Illinois to Denver, Colorado and to a change in both climate and altitude. The Woodworking Show would open its doors about a mile above sea level and to an arid 60 degree sunny weekend. Read more

A Weekend in Portland 2011

This last weekend the Woodworking Shows traveled to Portland, Oregon. This is still one of my favorite destinations on the tour as it blends some of the most beautiful scenery in the country with a talented eclectic group of wodworkers. Read more

Woodworking in the Sac(k)

This last weekend, the Woodworking Shows moved from the LA area to Sacramento and though we we’re still in California, the weather couldn’t have been more different. With temperatures hovering in the low 50’s and an on and off rain, it was downright nippy. Read more

Halloween in California

The second week of the 19 week Woodworking Show season couldn’t have come with more promise. It was sunny with temperatures in the low eighties and it was in Southern California. Read more

New Venue, New Season

I always look forward to the start of each woodworking season. Every venue is unique as are the woodworkers who attend the shows. They all have different expectations. Read more

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