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Interesting Woodworkers We’ve Met

Snow In The Forcast

The Woodworking Show set up in the Minneapolis area as the furthest north the show will be this season. I flew in on early Thursday and found a new red Camero in the car rental lot and I grabbed it hoping to really enjoy the driving experience this weekend. Evidently, everyone else had seen the forecast but me. Read more

The City of Roses

If I had to choose one of the most verdant and beautiful parts of the country to have a woodworking show, my vote would be for Portland, Oregon. Read more

Season Opener

The start of the new woodworking show season began this last Friday in Mesquite, Texas. Located about 20 minutes east of Dallas, this venue was one that we had used last year and is probably best known as the site of the gun show by the locals. Read more

S.O.S: Save Our Shopclass!

Will the recent economic crunch be the nail in the coffin for shop classes, as U.S. schools sacrifice vocational programs in favor of a pure college-prep focus? New research suggests that industrial arts programs are necessary for our students. But are they too far gone to save? Maybe not … Read more


The Woodworking Show was in Houston this last weekend and those in attendance were treated to a number of great educational opportunities and some interesting booths and woodworking projects. If you live in the area and you couldn’t attend, you missed a good one. Read more


I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while. Combining a trip to Washington DC and spending time with some great woodworkers in nearby Chantilly, Virginia would make for an interesting 4 days. I wasn’t disappointed. Read more

Weekend in Tampa

It would be hard to picture a more perfect weekend in mid March. The Woodworking Show traveled to Tampa and we were treated to sunny days with temperatures in the low to mid seventies. What made this even more memorable was knowing that Chicago would get 3 inches of snow while I was gone. Read more

Spring Forward

The Woodworking Shows went east again this last week. The venue was in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Situated about an hour south of Dulles Airport, the drive down on Thursday took me through some very hilly and beautiful terrain. This almost idyllic countryside belies the history of the area. Read more

Take A Ride On The Reading

The Woodworking Show moved to Reading, Pennsylvania this last weekend. I flew into the airport in Philadelphia even though it’s about 60 miles east of the venue. The airfare is cheaper and there are more flights to Philly as well as the ability to fly home on Sunday evening. It also afforded the ability to visit one of the more historical cities in this country’s beginning. Read more

A Bird In The Hand

The Woodworking Shows traveled to the Detroit area this weekend just a short drive from Detroit Metro Airport in Taylor, Michigan. The exhibit hall shares space with a giant permanent public market in the Gibraltar Trade Center. Woodworkers found a place where they could find not only the newest in tools and accessories but  could also get a tattoo, body piercing, and an area rug all while dining on a hot dog and sampling mini donuts.  In spite of all those temptations, we had what the attendees really wanted. Read more

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