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Interesting Woodworkers We’ve Met

A Georgia Peach of a Weekend

The Woodworking Shows traveled to Atlanta this last weekend with blue skies and temperatures in the lower 70’s. The grass was starting to green up and there were blossoms on the trees. Though it would rain on Saturday and Sunday, this was a big change from the temps just above freezing at home.

TWSAtlanta0311 006

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A Brief Summer In Milwaukee

The Woodworking Shows traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this last weekend and just a little less than a two hour drive northeast of my home. Hard to believe, though, that I could go from below freezing temps to the tropics in that short a time. Read more

You Met Me In St. Louis

Week 14 in the current Woodworking Show season took place this last weekend in St. Louis. All the signs were there for a good show: weather in the 40’s and 50’s, sunshine and a well run venue in Collinsville, Illinois. It turned out to be a record breaker.

TWS St. Louis 0211 024

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Travel Plans Vs Mother Nature

With the roads clear in my rural part of the county a day after the blizzard of 2011, I fully expected the nation’s second busiest airport of O’Hare to be ready for business and a short flight to Columbus. Read more

Woodworking Camaraderie At Its Best


I just returned from probably one of the best attended woodworking shows we’ll see this season. I thought that I would find big crowds at the Kansas City show when I flew out on this last Thursday. The weather was very pleasant and all the stars must have been aligned. Read more

A Blue Ribbon At The Fairgrounds


The Indianapolis Woodworking show was held this last weekend and, because it’s only about four hours from home, I decided to drive instead of providing airport security the chance to add one more grope to their morning. Read more

Timing Is Everything

The second woodworking show of 2011 was in Springfield, Massachusetts and the timing couldn’t have been better. The east coast and in particular, New England, had been hit with a 25 inch snowstorm the day before my departure. Read more

Nick Offerman: Woodworking and Well-being

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor and woodworker Nick Offerman. You might know him better as the mustachioed deadpan department director, Ron Swanson, from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

You’ll have a hard time fitting Nick into any preconceived notions of the Hollywood glitterati. Read more

Almost Christmas In Detroit


With 2010 quickly drawing to an end, the Woodworking Shows opened in Detroit this last weekend. I flew in to a temperature in the low teens and with snow on the ground but none forecast for our three day stint. Having visited the Ford museum and Motown in previous years, I decided to see a history of the Christmas tree and automobiles at the Walter Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills before heading to the venue. Read more

Home Sweet Home



This weekend the Woodworking Show would be an easy commute for me.  Just about a half hour from my home, the show would come to Schaumburg, Illinois. The good news was that it was close. The bad news was that the weekend started on Monday. Read more

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