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Finding Urban Lumber

Once upon a time, the path from tree to lumber mill to craftsman and, ultimately, the end user was rarely more than 50 miles. Nowadays, that path often covers a distance spanning half the globe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You may have a ready source of materials right in your immediate area. Read more

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No plans? No problem

A good set of plans can eliminate a lot of trial and error on the path to a finished project. Followed carefully, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations will result in a project identical to the piece pictured in the plan. But what happens when that picture doesn’t match the idea in your head (or the size of your living room)? Here are a few tips to guide you on the path toward designing and building your own unique project.

Customizing a wooden outer box for this metal interior required neither plans nor measurements, only part-to-part marking.

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I wish someone had told me that when I started!

5 overlooked tips for new (and experienced) woodworkers

Simply upgrading the blade that came with your power tools can spare years of frustration and save piles of wood from unnecessary tearout.

Recently, I asked my Facebook followers to think back to their woodworking beginnings to answer this question: What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you early in your woodworking journey that would have saved you hassle and frustration?

I imagined I would hear about perfecting handsaw techniques, or crafting tight-fitting joints—perhaps wisdom about the importance of buying premium tools. But as the replies rolled in, I got a completely different sense. The things people really wished they’d learned at the start were simple and, for the most part, free. So although the advice aims at brand-new woodworkers, it serves as a wise reminder for all of us: Read more

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