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Lucas Peters

A Weekend Well-Spent

The inaugural Weekend With WOOD event wrapped up on May 19th 2013 in the WOOD magazine shops and world headquarters. And all indications are that it was a huge hit. Of course, don’t take my word for it, instead look at all the grins on these woodworkers’ faces: Read more

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Motion controlled screwdriver from Black & Decker

Some nice folks from Black & Decker stopped by the WOOD shop to show us some of their latest tools. One of these was the Gyro, a compact 4-volt lithium-ion screwdriver. It’s eyebrow-raising feature: motion control.

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Happy hammock stand

Here’s a project that’s been on my bench for a while. A bent-lamination hammock stand:


It basically consists of 5 bent laminations (one of which is cut in half for the feet) and some hardware. Here’s the quick rundown of how I did it. Read more

Nick Offerman: Woodworking and Well-being

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor and woodworker Nick Offerman. You might know him better as the mustachioed deadpan department director, Ron Swanson, from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

You’ll have a hard time fitting Nick into any preconceived notions of the Hollywood glitterati. Read more

No Pleasure Without Planes

Ah spring! When a young man’s fancy turns to auctions.

For some reason I woke up around 4:00 am (It does exist! Who knew?!) Saturday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Can’t run the planer at that hour. (At least that’s what the nice policeman told me last time.) So, nothing for it but to quietly surf the net so I don’t wake the fam. First stop: the classifieds section of my local newspaper to see what auctions are on for the day. I was not disappointed. An old tool enthusiast was liquidating his collection which included perhaps a hundred old Stanley hand planes. I had a lot of time and anticipation to kill until 10am—the start of the auction—so I spent it on a little plane lore research … Then some shop time. Then a trip to the home center. Some more shop time. A little more research. (Note to self: When you find yourself awake at 4am, go back to sleep). Then a nice little drive through the country. And finally, this:

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S.O.S: Save Our Shopclass!

Will the recent economic crunch be the nail in the coffin for shop classes, as U.S. schools sacrifice vocational programs in favor of a pure college-prep focus? New research suggests that industrial arts programs are necessary for our students. But are they too far gone to save? Maybe not … Read more

Just Blocks

Just making some blocks for Parker.

These are standard unit blocks which means that they are half as thick as they are wide and half as wide as they are long. Then there are variations on those ratios. Read more

Closer to the source

Even the newest woodworker soon learns that the earlier in the milling process he intercepts his lumber, the less expensive it is. Shrink-wrapped, pre-glued panels from the home center are convenient, but you pay a lot for the milling, packaging, and shipping, not to mention the retail space, forklift driver, front-door greeter … the list goes on. Even if you’re lucky to have a good lumberyard nearby, you’ll pay for any surfacing, straight-line ripping, or even skip-planing done to the board. But, it’s generally a far cry less expensive than home center prices because you’ve intercepted the wood closer to the source.

Repeat after me: “The closer to the tree, the cheaper it will be.” Read more

CPSIA Update

It’s been almost a year since I looked into the new legal requirements introduced by the CPSIA requiring lead testing in products manufactured for children.

To summarize: among other things, the new law was going to require those who manufacture products for children to certify that their product met certain minimal lead and phthalate limits. It would later require manufacturers to provide documentation from third-party laboratories that their products met these limits. Read more

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Figured Walnut

I’m quickly becoming a wood hoarder. “No! You’re far too young for such a malady!” you cry. But—alas!—it’s true. My lumber rack is filling up with projectless wood. I’ve rolled over into the mentality of buying wood based on its look with the hope that a project will come along one day.

Here’s my latest acquisition:

Figured Walnut Read more

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