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It Has Been A Busy Summer



Hope that the summer is going well with everyone. It seems like the Woodworking Show season just ended and yet we’re less than 2 months before we’ll be back on the road again. I have been able to catch up on a few of the projects in the shop. The first part of the bedroom set for my youngest son and his wife got delivered recently. I’ve also made great strides on the “pub” in the lower level of our house. And I’m  working on the props I’ll need for this upcoming show season too. I’m sure that the summer will run out before I can even hope to finish my lovely wife’s list of to-dos. I’m sure that no one else has ever gotten behind in that all important “honey do” list.




In addition to participating in a very successful “Weekend With WOOD” this last May (our second), I was also asked to be an instructor for a company called Craftsy, an on-line educational company. In a cooperative arrangement with WOOD and Craftsy, we’ve produced a cabinetry class. Filmed at WOOD’s headquarters in Des Moines, it gave me a chance to play in one of my favorite places, the production shop at the Magazine. Living the dream, living the dream!  Anyway, below is the information from the Craftsy people and a link to this free class. This was fun to do and I think that you’ll like it. Some of this information may even be on your to-do list. And it’s free. A win/win!






Learn essential elements of cabinet making and gain the skills to pursue more advanced projects and even tackle your own build! Join me, WOOD® magazine instructor and contributing craftsman Jim Heavey, for my FREE online Craftsy mini-class, Cabinetry Tips & Techniques, and lay the foundations for strong, sound cabinets that elevate your woodworking. Just go to http://www.craftsy.com/ext/JimHeavey_4801_free




In this mini-class, you’ll learn about cabinet anatomy, how to fix doors and drawers, and how to spruce up existing cabinet exteriors. We start by discussing the various parts of the cabinet, and learning how to determine if a cabinet is structurally sound. Then, you’ll discover techniques for stabilizing and squaring, and find out how to update existing cabinets with crown molding and new countertops.




Next, we’ll give tired doors new life! To begin, I’ll show you how to fix broken rails and stiles. Then, learn how to replace sagging hinges and glue in a shim if the screw hole got too big. Plus, banish loud slamming doors for good with a handy soft-close feature!




Moving on, we’ll take the “stick” out of your sticky drawers. Learn how to determine the cause of sticking, before tackling tightening and regluing loose joints. Then, find out how to repair and replace drawer glides and slides. I’ll also talk you through how to sand and plane warped sides. Plus, get an overview of how to construct a basic drawer.




In your final lesson, you’ll get tips on refacing and refinishing drawers for a brand new look. I’ll share techniques for stripping and finishing your wood, and I’ll reveal which materials to reface, and which aren’t worth your time. Sign up for Cabinetry Tips & Techniques for FREE today, and gain the skills you need to get started with cabinetry and advance your craft!




I have been a woodworker for more than 40 years. After training with master craftsmen and working on my own home, I started a remodeling business. My business ultimately led to me becoming a consultant and tool evaluator for Bosch Tools and to my current partnership with WOOD magazine, where I serve as a contributing craftsman and educator.




My projects have been featured in a variety of magazines, and I have presented national educational programs through Sears, Ridgid Tool and The Woodworking Shows. In addition, I have served as a technical consultant for both ad campaigns and television commercials.




I can’t wait for you to join my free class, as you open the door to new creative possibilities and embrace the empowering skill of cabinetry. 




Stay well everyone! Enjoy your time in the shop! The Woodworking Shows will be here before you know it.


‘Till then, I’ll see you on the road.


Jim Heavey


WOOD Magazine Traveling Ambassador               









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