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Motion controlled screwdriver from Black & Decker

Some nice folks from Black & Decker stopped by the WOOD shop to show us some of their latest tools. One of these was the Gyro, a compact 4-volt lithium-ion screwdriver. It’s eyebrow-raising feature: motion control.

If you’re thinking of the Nintendo Wii video game system, you’re on the right track. Squeeze the grip of the palm-sized driver, then tilt it in the direction you want to turn the screw. Click here for a video that does it far more justice than my description.

Also on the bench was the new Matrix Quick Connect System, a modular tool system. Starter kits come with a base power system (in 12- or 20-volt lithium-ion versions or a 4-amp corded version) and a drill/driver head. Additional attachments, ranging in price from $29-$39, include an impact driver attachment, oscillating multi-tool attachment, jigsaw attachment, detail sander attachment, router attachment, and circular/trim saw attachment. Each attachment is internally geared to provide the proper speed for the tool.

Both the Gyro and the Matrix system will be available October 2012.

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17 Responses to “Motion controlled screwdriver from Black & Decker”

  1. Seems like a cool little tool, albeit a tad gimmicky.

    Then again, after watching the video, it seems like the kind of thing you can’t really appreciate until you use it first hand.

    I like the idea of the Matrix, too. I saw something similar from Rigid the last time I was in HD, but I wasn’t able to play with it.

    Seems like it could be a cheap way to get a number of tools that you don’t use that often, and can’t justify the expense of the full tool.

  2. Seems like a handy tool with a lot of potential for the small pesky jobs where you need something right now to use. The only drawback I see is that sometimes you will want to use it in an awkward position where the directional sensor may spin the bit the wrong direction. For those situations a manual override would be helpful. Otherwise, nice idea and good job.

  3. I tried to watch the video on the Black & Decker motion controlled screwdriver today. I say “tried” becaused it took over 3 minutes for the buffering process to enable it to start playing. Then, just when it came time to actually drill the screws into the wood, the playing stopped and the buffering mode kicked in again showing 8% complete. Not willing to waste another who-knows-how-many-more-bufferings, I decided I would rather use my time to let you guys know that this is a really bad way to promote any product.

  4. Looks like a nice little screw driver, however the video does not show if the battery is replaced when rune down or if you just plug it in to a charger.

  5. an obvious drawback is working inside cabinets where space is restricted. Usually a small drill could be usefull but with this you will be hitting the cabinet sides due to the tuning arc, as well ascompromising its ability to stay perpendicular.Dumb idea.

  6. Why? That is just stupid. I hate Black & Decker. Tools that are not for men. If you own a Black & Decker I’m Sorry

  7. I agree with Jack Faucault regarding the time delay. I could not even get it to play at all.

  8. Seemed like the driver was starting to bog down when he ran the screw back in for the second time; which made me wonder if a 4 volt battery is enough for repititious jobs. So far my general experience with B&D is that their tools have nice features but lack durability.

  9. Thanks for nothing! Why even put something out when it seems most people are not able to see it.

  10. You have got to be joking! Four volt? My wife has a seven volt driver that won’t do hardly anything. I also see a real problem in odd places where you can barely get to the trigger on a regular drill. Someone is really reaching in the design department.

  11. What a dumb idea, seriously, you try unscrewing a screw from a piece of wood, you twist that thing if it doesnt have a clutch system itll destroy the gearing inside, if it does have a clutch system by turning it you will probs confuse it and make it disengage, useless idea for people who are too lazy too depress a button, and four volts, damn my 18 volt drill still sucks this thing would be useless

  12. I don’t know about recently manufactured tools, but I have a B&D circular saw that I purchased in 1967 (via an employee’s sale for five dollars!) that is still working fine. I did have a variable speed drill that I purchased in 1981 that quit on me in 1994 when I was drilling a lot of Stainless Steel. Currently running a R.O. sander. We’ll see how it lasts.

  13. I don’t own one of these things but I’ve seen them in home centers around my area. I guess I’m glad I never took the leap and spent the money to try one, sounds like I’d have wasted my money.

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  17. I’m using the Black & Decker Impact Driver (Black & Decker LDX120C). It works very well

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