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New woodworking tools among dozens of new products from Bosch

It seems like every time I speak with someone at Bosch, they’ve got new tools to tell me about. Last fall I was fortunate to tour Bosch’s worldwide headquarters in Germany, as well as four production facilities, and the thing that most impressed me about this German-based company is that it’s made a commitment to reinvest 8% of its sales into research and development for new products. Well, I just returned from Bosch’s North American headquarters in Chicago, and I saw that commitment carried out in the launch of nearly four dozen new power tools, measuring tools, and accessories for woodworking, construction, metalworking, and concrete. You’d never know there was a recession in the U.S. based on Bosch’s output. I’ll focus on the tools most applicable to woodworking.

The biggest splash, in my opinion, is the launch of a plunge base for the Bosch Colt palm router. When the Colt was launched over 5 years ago, everyone it seemed cried for a plunge base to go with this impressive compact router. Well, it’s finally here—or it will be in October. This new base is essentially a scaled-down version of Bosch’s MRC23EVS plunge base, but without the electronic receptors and handle-mounted switch. The Colt motor slips nicely into the base, and the big handles give you plenty of good gripping surface. It’s incredibly handy for light-duty plunge-routing jobs such as hinge mortises and inlays. We’ve had a pre-production model of this base for a few months now as part of a larger review of compact routers, and I can tell you we like this base a lot. Read the November issue of WOOD Magazine for our full review. You can buy the base as an accessory for any existing Colt router for $90, or buy a Colt kit with fixed and plunge bases for $190.

Filling in another gap in its tool line, Bosch will bring a 23-gauge pin nailer to the market in August. This side-loading pneumatic nailer shoots micropins from 1/2″ to 1-3/8″ long. It has a dry-fire lockout to prevent damage to the driver when the magazine runs empty. Bosch also claims this pinner will sink pins with about 10 psi less than competitive pinners. We’ll try this out when we get a test model in very soon. The pinner will sell for $160.

Bosch is known most in woodworking for its jigsaws and jigsaw blades. So what else do you do when your company has a headlock on this category? Naturally, you build a bigger and better one. Bosch’s newest jigsaws have 7.2-amp motors, upper and lower blade guides (twice as many as other models) to prevent blade deflection, an LED light with a separate power switch, and an articulating dust-collection attachment. Despite its added power and features, it weighs less than Bosch’s current biggest jigsaw. Available in top-handle and barrel-grip styles, these new jigsaws will sell for $249 alone and $299 in a kit with an extra overshoe and storage box.

Last year Bosch launched a portable tablesaw that could easily be carried with one hand, as you would a suitcase (in the days before roller models). Now Bosch has applied that same thinking to mitersaws with a 12″ single-bevel compound mitersaw. This new model weighs less than the current 12″ CMS and sports a carry handle on the back where you typically find the bevel lock. It’s still a little awkward, but much easier to lug around than a typical 12″ CMS. The bevel control sits on the side of the head’s pivot point, so it’s easy to reach and use and the scale easy to see. There are stops for 45° and the crown-molding stop at 33.9°. This saw is available now and sells for $350.

Next up is a cordless planer for Bosch’s 18-volt lithium-ion line. This planer has one blade with 3-1/4″ of cutting width and a 1/16″ maximum cutting depth. It comes with a dust port that rotates for right or left-side chip ejection, and a fence that can mount bidirectionally as well. This planer comes out in July and sells for $350.

Also new from Bosch that might have some appeal to woodworkers:

• A compact 18-volt impact driver with 3-amp-hour battery packs

• 18-volt right-angle drill

• 12-volt hammerdrill

• Tablesaw and mitersaw blades in the thin-kerf Daredevil accessory line

• An oscillating multi-tool with tool-free accessory changes

• Carbide-coated (instead of teeth) plunge-cut blades for oscillating multi-tools

• A 2-1/2″-wide bimetal plunge cut toothed blade for multi-tools

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  1. What is the part number for the new Bosch plunge base for the Colt series small routers?


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