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New Venue, New Season

I always look forward to the start of each woodworking season. Every venue is unique as are the woodworkers who attend the shows. They all have different expectations.

Some come for the chance to see the newest tools or that one last demonstration before making their well researched purchase. Others come for the free educational seminars and the chance to learn a new technique or talk one on one with someone who understands their concerns or uncertainties about a project that they are currently working on. Then there are those who just like being part of it all. They just seem to enjoy walking the show and soaking up each area of interest. Like taking in a movie (at about the same price) where the goal is simply to be entertained.

This last weekend, attendees brought those expectations to Dallas.


 They were greeted by a new venue in Irving and found some of the regulars they’ve come to expect. Jevon Tools has been doing the shows for years as have the bigger retail sellers like Peachtree and Woodline.

Bosch Tools is back with new products. Attendees also found that Stockroom Supply, a vendor, would also be offering seminars with a decidedly Canadian Flair. Owner Paul and son Ethan, combine to provide a bandsaw project demonstration to show an easy way to cut a bandsawn bowl. Tommy Mac made a guest appearance also.


Dallas area woodworking clubs were also there with some very interesting projects and members willing to share any and all “secrets” about their creations or clubs.

The Show Off Showcase was also back and, with Bosch tools as prizes, should be as popular as ever. This weekend’s winner was David Bora’s “Red Dragon”. His basswood carving was done with great detail as were the other carvings he had on display. Our second place winner was the “Lone Star Lazy Suzan” by Rodney Franklin. George Robinson’s clock was the third place winner.

I think that everyone involved with The Woodworking Shows is relieved when that first show is over. All the planning during the off months is tested and refined for the remainder of the season. This last weekend was no exception. With all the minor glitches worked out, we now move to Pomona in southern California on October 28th. The venue is the Fairplex. This will be a bigger show than that of Dallas with attendees and vendors continuing to grow throughout the season. The following week, November 4-6, we head up the California coast to Sacramento at the Exposition and State Fair Grounds.  

I hope that you’ll set aside some time to come out to the show when we’re in the area. Regardless of your skill level, you’re bound to find something that will make the time you spend in the shop even more enjoyable. As long as you’re there, stop in at the WOOD Magazine booth. I like catching up with old (seasoned) friends and always eager to make new ones. Share a story, hear one. Could there be a better way to spend some time?

‘Til then, I’ll see you on the road.


Jim Heavey

WOOD Magazine’s Traveling Ambassador

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