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Dremel adds new tools, new features to older tools

Sticking with what must be a company directive, Dremel is launching four new tools this year that are compact, versatile, and hold broad appeal to users of varying skills and interests. Representatives from Dremel stopped by the WOOD Magazine offices today to show us these new tools, as well as lots of new accessories to go with them.

First up is an all-new tool, a hybrid of an angle grinder, oscillating multifunction tool, and circular saw. The Saw-Max, due out in October, is a compact cutting tool that uses 3”-diameter blades embedded with abrasives (carbide, diamond, aluminum oxide) for cutting edges rather than teeth. Powered by a 6-amp motor, the Saw-Max generates 17,000 rpms. The tool has a spring-loaded shoe that’s adjustable up to a ¾”-deep maximum cut, or can be set at zero and the tool used as a plunge-cut saw for cuts where you don’t want an entry or exit. Four blades come with the standard kit for cutting wood, tile, and metal; one blade has an offset flange to allow for flush-cutting at the edge of the blade housing. (There’s no blade guard on the left side of the tool.) The kit with four blades will sell for $129. Attachments also available will be a dust-collection port, a straight-cutting guide to fit a 2×4, and a miter- and bevel-cutting guide.

Next up are two new versions of Dremel’s Multi-Max oscillating multifunction tool. Both are bigger and beefier than the previous version, yet with little difference in price. Due out in September, the MM20 model ($99) has a 2.3-amp motor, speed range of 10,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute, and bigger fan with more air vents for better airflow to cool the tool. It comes with eight accessories.

The MM40 Multi-Max ($139) has a 2.5-amp motor with the same speed range and air-cooling system. But it features a tool-free accessory-changing system, negating the need for—and potential losing of—a hex wrench and small socket screw. This kit will come with 20 accessories and be in stores in November.

Also transitioning to tool-free accessory changes is Dremel’s model 3000 rotary tool. This replaces the 300 series tool, and features an improved airflow system similar to the multifunction tools. The 3000 features a slide-collar on the nose of the tool that you twist and slide around the collet nut to tighten or loosen, then slide it back in place to use the tool. As with the MM40 Multi-Max, you won’t have to worry about losing the tiny wrench and even tinier screw. The 3000 will be out in September and sell in various kits (with different accessories) ranging from $55 to $75.

One Response to “Dremel adds new tools, new features to older tools”

  1. I am curious if the Saw Max cuts tile well? Have any shop tests been done yet, or is there an article in the works?

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