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It’s A Wrap


The Woodworking Shows closed the 2010-2011 season this last weekend in Houston. It seemed fitting that we would end a great string of shows on a near perfect sunny 80 degree day. The Houston crowds were typical of the approximately 100,000 woodworkers we saw this year over the 21 show circuit. Regardless of where they’re from, the enthusiasm  and their love of the craft seemed to be as strong as ever.TWSHouston 0411 006

This was, of course, the final judging of the Show Off Showcase and the winning entry will be added to those of the previous shows.

TWSHouston 0411 027

This week’s local entry winner was Don Fluker’s turned vase. The choice of wood and the skillful turning made it the hit of the attendees.

TWSHouston 0411 016

Second place went to the “Flying Bowl” of John Gay, aptly named for how many times it “left” the lathe before completion. Third place went to the “Carved Bench” created by Terry Richardson.

TWSHouston 0411 024

TWSHouston 0411 008

TWSHouston 0411 009

The grand prize winner will be chosen by the educators after we pour through the digital images on file at the show and a winner will be announced soon on thewoodworkingshows.com site.  Bosch Tools will be providing some nice prizes for this lucky and skilled woodworker.

This weekend ended on a rather high note for the vendors who found that their efforts were rewarded by some nice purchasing by attendees. The educational seminars were well attended and the mood overall was bright. Because it was their last chance this season, many of the show’s staff and vendors took a turn at the lathes in the Craft Supply booth. Charlene, Mickey, Elaine and Rita each brought home a gift that they made for themselves.

TWSHouston 0411 039

TWSHouston 0411 044

TWSHouston 0411 049

TWSHouston 0411 041

Even Rich Wedler of Micro Fence and Rollie Johnson, who taught veneering and finishing classes respectively, got into the act. These show favorites, and my personal friends, found time to entertain themselves and any one else before the shows and whenever things got a little slow in the late afternoons.

Rich & Rollie 001

I have to admit to getting a bit nostalgic at the end of the season. So much changes from year to year that I’ve learned to enjoy every minute I spend with my fellow “roadies” and the people I meet each weekend. I live by the philosophy of “plan for tomorrow but live for today”. In no special order, here are some of my memories of the season.

My biggest seminar crowds were in St. Louis and the man who summed up a woodworkers love of all that is woodworking.

St. Lious Crowd 0211

TWS St. Louis 0211 046

The coldest show was in Minneapolis/St. Paul where those who came to my seminars wore coats and gloves.

TWS TwinCities 1210 004

The most beautiful of the cities had to be Portland and the flora was amazing.

TWS Portland 1110 012

TWS Portland 1110 031

Some of the most unique exhibits were in Chicago (Sindelar Tool Museum), the Log House in Tampa, and Springfield’s timber frame building.

TWS Chicago 1210 023

TWS Chicago 1210 027

TWSTampa0311 028

TWSTampa0311 037

TWS Springfield, MA 0111 032


Many of the local woodworking clubs featured bowl turning but none as large as that in Atlanta.

TWSAtlanta0311 039

I thought that one of the most novel entries not to win something in the Show Off Showcase was the circular chess board.  

TWS Milwaukee 0211 051

The most unique venue was that of Detroit. If you couldn’t find something in our show, you could just walk over to the adjacent flee market for a tattoo or a foul mouthed parrot or a foul mouthed tattoo or tattooed parrot. They had every thing there. Luckily, I was able to resist.

Kansas City was probably one of the most crowded venues with thousands coming out in the first couple of hours on Friday’s opening.

TWS KC 0111 063

My favorite city this year was Chantilly where my wife came out to celebrate our 40th anniversary and we toured the White House. I even met a friend I hadn’t seen since grade school. Not Barack, Tony.


The youngest attendees were at the Charlotte show. Maybe someday they’ll understand what I was talking about.

TWSCharlotte 0311 038

The attendees seem to really enjoy the free saw blade sharpening and the tool give aways. The Show ownership is planning to make these two favorites a part of all of the shows next year.

Personally, I’m very grateful for all the kind thoughts and compliments I’ve received from wood workers this year. I wouldn’t do this is I didn’t enjoy the chance to meet and talk to such nice people.

Next year’s season will be posted soon on thewoodworkingshows.com site. Plan to find some time to come out and see what we are so proud of. Though things change every year, the focus is still the same. You won’t find a better show anywhere. I can promise you that.

‘Til then, I’ll see you on the road.

Jim Heavey

WOOD Magazine Traveling Ambassador

4 Responses to “It’s A Wrap”

  1. Hi Jim…

    I just noticed your blog on the Wood Magazine site.

    I know you meet a lot of folks, but my son and I met you at the Atlanta Woodworking Show.

    We enjoyed your session, as well as chatting during the breaks.

    I’ve been going to the Atlanta shows for many years and always look forward to attending your sessions.

    You provide terrific tips and information. Keep up the great job.

    We look forward to seeing you again next year.

    Best Regards…

  2. I’ve been going to the show in St. Louis for the past 8 years or so. This year was the skimpiest one ever. There were fewer vendors than ever. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I also attended the show in Charlotte, NC and it was actually better than the St. Louis show. Both shows had pretty good crowds.


  3. Jim -

    Man, I love the retrospective! Memories everywhere you go.

    I was totally jacked when I got back from the show in Tampa. It was great meeting you, Andy and company and the rest of the folks involved. I was also honored to be (at least a little) a little part of the big show.

    Next year, we can crank up the Jambalaya pot again!

  4. I hope the show was a complete success!

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