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Des Moines Woodworkers Association Presentation (2/8/11)

Over a lifetime we hear and see tens-of-thousands of great ideas. It is our ability to put to action even a minute fraction of these tidbits that shapes our lives and determines our growth and skills. I refer to this practice as the Nugget Theory. Whether it be a demonstration, an article, or how-to video, it is the presenter’s responsibility to showcase meaningful and educational material. But ultimately, it is each person’s ability to put to practice pieces of this information that determines the value of the shared ideas. Like a miner panning for a single nugget of gold, our ability to grow stems from what not what we absorb, but what we employ. As a father, writer, speaker, and demonstrator, I’ve always strived to not only educate and entertain, but to get the audience to put to practice the knowledge that is shared.

    For my February demonstration to the Des Moines Woodworkers Association, I’ll be covering lots of ground and hopefully be sharing numerous nuggets of information gained from a lifetime of working in the woodworking publishing industry and time in my own shop. I have no expectations of anyone in the audience taking notes, or remembering more than a small portion of what will be covered, but as the presenter, it is my desire to leave the audience with a few nuggets of woodworking inspiration that they can put to use in their own shop. To help accomplish that, I’ve listed below several of the points of my presentation as well as links to online content for the members to review and practice at their leisure.

 Turned Paperweights

 Turned handles for Pizza Cutters, Cheese Planes, Ice Cream Scoops, and Bottle Openers 

Oregon Coast Beachcombing

 Trend Airshield Air Circulating Face Sheilds

 Surefire Lathe Tool Sharpening

Turning Translucents

Kemmet House Tour

Marlen @ WOOD

2 Responses to “Des Moines Woodworkers Association Presentation (2/8/11)”

  1. Marlen, I enjoyed your presentation even though I am primarily a flatworker. I am inspired by the era of Green and Green an the Crafstmen look. I enjoy the prospect of being inspired by a piece and the challenge of making a piece that looks like it.

    John Twedt

  2. I have several board feet of hardwoods from 1974 form Michigan. All have been stored in thedry packaged together in units tha one person can carry reasonably well. There are avariety of hard woods, including walnut, cherry, anda few pieces of oak. I ahve now reached an age and in a place where I have no resonable place to have equipment that is readily available. All that I have is for sale. To the best of my knowledge the wook was cut from timber tracts, not from pasture or fsrm lots.

    Any information will be apprecaited.

    (515) 267-1714

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