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Finished Hall Bench

Earlier I blogged about building an entry-way bench for my church. Well, here’s the finished version. It’s made of red oak with a red chestnut stain to match an existing pair of tables. I sprayed it with three coats of polyurethane for a durable finish. I did not finish the interior under the hinged lid since it will be used for storage. As with every project I build, it has a cross to identify it with my faith. Now on to more projects, a bunch of cutting boards for Christmas gifts.

Bob Hunter, Tools Editor, WOOD Magazine


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2 Responses to “Finished Hall Bench”

  1. That is a very, very good looking hall bench Bob. One thing I never get tired of, and to me is one of the highs of woodworking, and that’s seeing the before and after of the finish on the wood. Your bench demonstrates this nicely. Oh, and I also indentify with the cross.

  2. Bob, This is great work and I’m sure a real addititon to your church. I must say the best is the addition of the cross, far too many times we Christains fail to give credit to who the REAL craftsman is!

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